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Past Pupils' Views

When our Y11 pupils leave The Pilgrim School we ask them to complete an Exit Survey. Below is just some of the valuable feedback we have received from these surveys and the wonderful cards and letters we are sent when these pupils move on.

Describe Pilgrim in 5 words?
  • “A community of accepting individuals”
  • “Supportive, caring, crazy and family-like”
  • “Amazing, great, helpful, outstanding, good”
  • “Supportive, positive, caring, kind and amazing”
  • “Amazing, wonderful, different, home and safe”
What would you say/advice would you give to a new pupil about to start Pilgrim?
  • “Be yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help”
  • “Don’t worry about anything, we have all been in your shoes and you will become comfortable soon enough”
What is the best bit about Pilgrim?
  • “Small class sizes, supportive staff and pupils”
  • “Little family”
  • “You can tell the teachers how you learn best”

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