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Headteacher Welcome

The governors, staff and I are delighted to introduce you to the work of our school.

The Pilgrim School is a Community Special School (Hospital School). We act on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council to fulfil their duties under Section 19 of the 1996 Education Act. We also provide education to pupils who are not able to access their mainstream school due to illness, physical or mental, short or long term.

We have three bases at Lincoln, Baumber and Amber Hill. At Amber Hill, we have a unit for high functioning autistic pupils. In addition, we provide education for pupils in the home whose medical needs are such that they cannot access a base.

We are a hope led school. We draw upon the work of positive psychologists such as Rick Snyder, Shane Lopez, Martin Seligman, and Dante Dixson.  We passionately believe that a child’s history is not their destiny; that a person’s current circumstance does not dictate their future.

The curriculum is personalised. Pupils follow a curriculum that is age appropriate and comparable with that of their peers in mainstream settings. In addition, pupils can access learning such as social skills, a bespoke personal development course called Well Being on Wednesday (WOW), and lego therapy. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a popular option as well.

The work of our Pastoral Support and Welfare Specialist (PSWS) team is key to ensuring that pupils' well-being is supported and pupils are helped into either returning to their mainstream school or onto their next phase of learning.

As a hospital school, we are not a school of choice; parents cannot apply for their child to come here. The decision of need rests with a medical practitioner.  Referrals are made through and managed by the Local Authority. 

I hope that you find the website informative and interesting as it begins to describe the complex, but rewarding work the school does.

Steve Barnes, B.A. (Hons), MSc

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