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Careers Education

Careers Education, Support And Guidance

At The Pilgrim School teaching staff, support staff and PSWSs work closely together to ensure we have a positive, comprehensive and supportive careers programme which is essential for building aspirations, hope and achievement while preparing pupils for a future that may offer many career challenges  

Careers education is taught in dedicated PSHE lessons.  This includes at key stage 3 reviewing and building on personal interests, skills, qualities and values; setting realistic but ambitious targets and goals for the next key stage and beyond 16 in the world of education, training and work.  Pupils are introduced to transitional skills and encouraged to develop skills and attributes that employers value including the benefits of being a life-long learner.  An essential part of key stage 3 careers is developing knowledge and awareness of different work markets, roles and career pathways, including clarifying their own early aspirations.

At key stage 4, pupils refine, research and discuss their ideas for education, apprenticeships, training and work and opportunities these can later lead to.  Pupils are encouraged to investigate a range of options and pathways at different levels and to investigate in detail what preferred jobs entail, payment bands and qualifications, qualities and skills needed to do the job.  Pupils are taught how to complete application forms in writing and online, write CVs, personal statements and letters of application. It is increasingly important for pupils to know how to prepare for a career by having a creative and positive online presence and digital footprint in addition to building key transferable skills that employers look for such as good communication, co-operative, negotiation and independent working skills.  Pupils are also taught practical skills such as how to prepare for and answer questions at interviews.

Pupils are supported by PSWSs to visit local colleges and investigate a range of courses before making decisions about preferences.  PSWSs will also provide additional support where necessary to forward applications, attend interviews, make familiarisation visits to places, ensure pupils feel confident know key members of staff and places they can go to for additional support. 

Visitors from local post-16 providers, organisers and businesses are welcomed at career fairs and into tutorials at the bases to inform and explain the provision and opportunities that they can offer. Pupils are encouraged and supported whenever appropriate to try work experience.  These experiences along with virtual and online investigation of the job market, locally, nationally and internationally are important aspects of building knowledge and understanding of the real world of work.

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