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Science Department

Sharon - Head of Science

I hold a lifelong love of Science, being inspired at an early age by my Primary School Teachers and a visit with my parents to the Science Museum in London. I remember the first Science experiment that I saw - my teacher put a green mitten into a jam jar and turned it upside down in a bowl of water. To my amazement, the mitten did not get wet – I was hooked!

I began my working life as a Biomedical Scientist in the Microbiology department at Pilgrim Hospital. It seems fitting that I have come full circle and now work at the Pilgrim School which I originally encountered whilst visiting the wards when ‘on call’. I studied Biomedical Science at Nottingham Trent University on a day release programme and felt proud when I achieved Master of Science (MSc). Despite enjoying my hands on lab work, I also shared another passion….teaching Science!

For me, Leading and teaching Science at the Pilgrim School is about thinking of different and unique ways in which to engage and inspire our students. I particularly enjoy thinking of alternative ways in which we can safely do as much hands on practical work as possible both in base and in the home. I believe this is an essential part of learning Science – and it’s fun!


I'm Ben and I teach Science. I went to university and I also have other qualifications. I like chocolate and words. I once wrote three books in a year.  My two dogs are called Tilly and Candy and my favourite colour is green.



I have been teaching at Pilgrim for over 10 years.  I teach maths and science at the Amber Hill base two days a week and I teach students in the home on two other days. 

It is a real privilege working with our students, seeing their confidence grow and being able to move to their next step.

 Steve L

On completion of my Biology degree, I left the University in Manchester to move back to Lincolnshire. Jobs in the field of Biology were hard to come by and after doing various jobs, which included factory hand, shop worker and greens keeper I found an agency job as a Science Technician. This took me away to Hull, Cambridge, Suffolk, Norfolk and London where I worked in various settings. These included the School of Tropical medicine in London and Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge. I eventually settled in London for 10 years where I stayed at University College London analysing DNA and conducting scientific trials.  

After this period, I felt that a change was due so finally underwent my teacher training at Goldsmiths University before gaining employment in North London. London Teaching was challenging and varied but for family reasons I eventually moved back to Lincolnshire and looked forward to the challenges there. I was lucky enough to have a job interview with The Pilgrim School and immediately felt that the ethos and outlook of the School were what I was looking for. I wanted these young people to support. I also found a community of staff who felt the same. After 11 years, the work is still challenging, fun and varied. I am proud to be a member of The Pilgrim community.

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