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School Development & Self Evaluation

While the purpose and function of The Pilgrim School remains the same as its primary intention, the method and manner of reaching this goal has changed and developed over the years, as with any school. Indeed, typical provision is no longer educating children and young people on hospital wards by their bedsides, although this does still happen when required. Over the decades, the school has morphed and responded to the ever-changing landscape and needs of the young people it works with to provide a high standard of education to those unable to access it via mainstream provision.

Currently, we have three permanent sites across Lincolnshire, each offering pupils the opportunity to continue formal routes of education in spite of ill-health. Alongside this, we have a team of teachers providing education in the home to a small number of pupils deemed too unwell to access the provision in base.

The images below provide an overview of our current school development priorities and our evaluation of what we currently offer.


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