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Home Tuition Service

Most students who join Pilgrim, attend one of our bases. However, for some, for a range of medical reasons, may not be well enough to access one of our bases. There may be a variety of reasons for this, including mental and/or physical health, post-operative or undergoing treatment where students need to avoid contact with lots of other people.

For our home students, we tailor a personalised package according to their needs, whether this be for a short period of time or slightly longer. This is discussed with the student and family together with a team of Pilgrim staff including their Academic Link, Home Pastoral and Welfare Specialist (HPSWS) and senior leaders alongside their mainstream school. These packages vary may include face to face teaching in the home, a mix between face to face and virtual learning or 'blended learning' with a base. Some students may also receive a blend of learning between home and their mainstream. This is especially important when students need to maintain regular contact with their mainstream to support reintegration.

Depending on a student’s needs, the number of teaching and pastoral hours offered vary. As above, the number of hours are decided upon in discussion with the student, their family and staff working with them. Teaching hours are regularly reviewed to ensure the length and frequency of lessons is still appropriate and adjusted accordingly. 

Teaching in the home mostly focuses on the core subjects of English, Maths, Science and PSHE is delivered by a team of subject specialist Extended Support (ES) teachers and home PSWS. We aim to introduce suitable teachers with students to ensure a good match. For some students a less formal lesson approach may be more suited to engage them, An outdoor activity style of learning may be used with a view to use this to encourage, support and move to a more formal approach. ES teachers receive the support and guidance from the student's Academic Link, whose role is to monitor the academic progress of the student and liaise with the mainstream school for curriculum information.

Students receive pastoral support (as well as PSHE) from our dedicated team of Home PSWS on a regular basis. As with academic work, this is personalised to the student and focuses around relationships, confidence building and preparing for life after Pilgrim.

For students who are dual registered (with The Pilgrim School and a mainstream school) there is a shared responsibility for safeguarding and attendance. This means that the mainstream school may make attendance and 'safe and well' checks for students in the home according to their safeguarding protocols.

For students who are singularly registered with The Pilgrim School, we hold responsibility for safeguarding and attendance. For these students, where they are not receiving a lesson or pastoral visit, "safe & well" checks may be made by our Home PSWS or Home Tuition Administration Team to keep in touch. These may be in the form of a face to face visit to the home, a phone or a TEAMS call.

Overseeing and supporting the team on a daily basis are the Executive Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral) and Assistant Headteacher (Home Tuition).

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