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Week Commencing 3.6.24

Please see tasks below for Key stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Careers for the week commencing 3/6/24.

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Key Stage 3 PSHE Topic - Managing Healthy Relationships


Know how to safely and responsibly form, maintain and manage positive relationships, including online.

Understand qualities and behaviours to expect and exhibit in a wide variety of relationships.



There is a range of qualities ‘friends’ can demonstrate such as such as being trustworthy; respectful; affectionate; generous; caring; humerous; forgiving; empathising; patient; distant; selfish; cruel; two-faced; mean; ungrateful; argumentative; arrogant; dishonest; co-operative; encouraging; loyal; grumpy; moody; cold-hearted; good listener; assertive; calm; extrovert; ego-centric; confrontational; risk taking; honest; truthful.



  1. Reflect on good and poor behaviour in friend. Select five of the above qualities you would most like to see in a friend. Explain your choice or produce a poster to explain what a good friend is.

  2. Select five of the above qualities you would least like to see in a friend and explain your choice.

  3. Reflect on your personal role as a friend and evaluate whether realistic improvements are needed.

  4. Using the above qualities and any examples of your own, explain how they can be demonstrated in positive relationships as a class member, team member, in a personal friendship, in an intimate relationship and online relationships.

  5. List the benefits of having a friend.

  6. Explain the difference between having an online friend and a face-to face friend.



Write an account of a friend that seems perfect at first but then you find to be no friend at all.

Key Stage 4 PSHE Topic – Managing Intimate Relationships – Readiness For A Sexual Relationship


To recognise the skills needed to assess readiness for sex, including sexual activity online, as an individual and within a couple.



A healthy relationship which includes intimacy and sex should be one in which:-

  • You feel safe and connected
  • Both partners are aware of their own and their partner’s emotional vulnerability, what they like and what they do not like
  • Both partners feel positive and enjoyable physical sensations
  • There is no need to numb feelings, pretend or ‘chase’ orgasms
  • Emotional and physical fulfilment can also be obtained from non-sexual activities
  • Both partners recognise the importance of having healthy boundaries to enable you to be vulnerable and safe at the same time
  • Sex is well balanced and both partners can control an appropriate level of sexual activity for the needs of themselves and their partners
  • You are able to understand, empathise, negotiate and communicate your needs with your partner
  • You trust your partner
  • All behaviour is consensual and you understand signals to continue and to stop



  1. Explain why some of the above statements are important and what might happen in their absence.

  2. Reflect whether there is a difference in a sexual online relationships or whether the above statements can be applied in the real world and online.

  3. Identify/ discuss what may be the positive and the negative consequences (physical and emotional consequence) of having a sexual relationships, delaying a sexual relationship or not having a sexual relationship at all.

Further information can be found in the information sheets below ‘For Teens How To Make Healthy Decisions About Sex’ and ‘Abstinence, Delaying and Saying No’.

How to Make Healthy Decisions About Sex



Write email advice to a friend who is considering starting a sexual relationship.

Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Careers


Investigating post-16 job opportunities – working from home.



Here are some jobs that you can do working from home. Research any that appeal to you

on MyPath, BBC Bitesize or National Careers Website.


  • What would the job entail
  • How much could you earn?
  • What facilities would you need?
  • What skills and qualifications would you need?
  • How would you get the skills and qualifications you need?
  • What would be the advantages?
  • What would be the disadvantages?



  • Artist/illustrator
  • Games designer/games tester
  • Pet sitter
  • Child minder/nanny
  • Social media manager
  • Web designer
  • Writer/proof reader
  • Translator
  • Tutor
  • Book keeper
  • Events/Wedding/Party planner
  • Travel agent
  • Customer support
  • Sales
  • Translator
  • Hair dresser/beautician/nail artist

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