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Week commencing 5th February 2024

PSHE tasks and Careers for KS3 and KS4 for the week commencing 5.2.24. For friendly feedback, please email your work to

Key Stage 3 PSHE Topic - Balanced Lifestyles


Understand the importance of sleep for physical and mental wellbeing and strategies to maintain good quality sleep.


Quality sleep is important for mental health and wellbeing. Children aged 6-12 years should have 9–12 hours and young people aged 13-18 should have 8-10 hours. Good quality sleep is important to support healthy brain function and maintain physical health. It is also important to support growth and development in children and young people.

During sleep hormones tell glands to release testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone. These hormones are important for development and changes at puberty. Poor quality sleep can lead to mood swings. Sleep affects different parts of the immune system to make immune cells work harder. People who do not have enough sleep may get colds, infections and illnesses more frequently. Sleep supports learning and the formation of long-term memories. Not getting enough quality sleep can cause problems in focussing on topics, thinking clearly and making decisions. Inadequate sleep over time can raise risks for long term problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems. It can also affect the hormones that control hunger and respond to insulin, leading to increased intake of food, especially fatty, sweet and salty foods which lead to weight gain.

To get quality sleep it is important to have strong regular routines when you exercise, wind down, relax and prepare for sleep. This may mean doing some strenuous activity to make the body tired earlier in the day, not drinking coffee or eating heavy meals near to bed time then moving away from screens of all sorts, turning down bright lights and doing other relaxing activities like physical exercise/stretches, listening to relaxing music, reading, having a bath, chatting quietly, stroking pets. It is important to have a sleep room or area that is cool but not too cold and an area that is free from clutter and distractions, reminders of homework and screen activities. Warm comfy blankets, hot water bottles and comfort toys may also help. Try to get to sleep and wake up at roughly the same time each day.


Discuss how you personally feel when you have had too much sleep, not enough sleep or just the right amount.

Reflect on whether you have enough quality sleep and why it may be important for you to get more.

Explain what a good sleep routine for you could be to ensure you wind down, relax and have enough quality sleep.

Draw a diagram of a bedroom that can be made calming and sleep welcoming.

Research tips on getting good quality sleep.

Extension (optional)

Create a poster/leaflet/blog for teenagers informing them of the importance of sleep and giving tips to get to sleep and remain asleep.

Key Stage 4 PSHE Topic – Healthy Relationships


Understand the importance of stable, committed relationships including the rights and protections provided within legally recognised marriages and civil partnerships and the legal status of other long-term relationships.


The Legality Of Marriage And Civil Partnerships

Mixed or same sex marriages and civil partnerships have been legal in the UK since January 2020. To be valid these need to occur in a place licensed for carrying out weddings and civil partnerships and by officials registered and license.

A marriage/civil partnership will be illegal/void if:

  • The couple are closely related (a parent, child, brother, sister, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, grandparent, grandchild)
  • Either person is already married or in a civil partnership
  • Either person is under 18 and have not got the consent of both parents

Forced marriage is illegal in The UK. This is a marriage where one or both people do not (or in cases of people with learning disabilities or reduced capacity), cannot give consent to the marriage as they are pressurised, or abuse is used, to force them to do so.

Arranged marriage is legal as long as both people give their consent and the marriage is entered into freely.

Marrying Abroad

If you’re a British national getting a marriage or civil partnership abroad it will be necessary to obtain a Certificates of No Impediments (CNI) This has to be backed up with identification documentations from all parties such as passports, birth certificates, decree nisi, death and marriage certificates of any former spouses and deed of a poll name change. Marriage or civil partnership will be recognised in the UK if the correct processes and procedures in the country where the marriage took place were followed (these will vary from country to country and the marriage would be allowed in the UK.


Explain, with reasons, whether in the following scenarios the marriage or partnership would be legally recognised in the UK.

  1. Sam and Alex are getting married. Five years ago he had been in a civil partnership with Tom. He does not think he has to get the civil partnership dissolved because it is a marriage he is going to have with Alex.
  2. Dev and Kiara are excited about getting married. They are both very close to their families and confident in their parents’ marriage arranging skills.
  3. Adeel and Roxanna had a traditional Islamic marriage ceremony. This was shortly followed by a civil marriage ceremony.
  4. Jas and her brother went on what they thought was a family holiday. While they were away Jas was told the holiday was for her marriage to her cousin. Although she was not happy about this she was worried what her family would do.
  5. Tilly and Ella were married last week with a small ceremony in a hotel followed by a large family party.
  6. Tommy is 17 and Li is 18. Tommy’s parents think he is too young. Li’s parents will not consider it.
  7. Mitch and Jade were staying at a luxury holiday in Mexico when on impulse they decided to have a beautiful marriage on the beach.
  8. Dan and Dara are having a Hindu religious marriage in a Birmingham temple.

Write a guide for people considering marriage or civil partnerships to inform them of what they need to do to ensure their marriage is legalised in the UK.

Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Careers


Investigating Career Options


Choose three of the short job videos to watch in the ‘Science, why bother?' school section of the My Path website. For each of the jobs, explain whether they would appeal or not appeal to you and why.

State whether you would like to find out more about the job or not.

Which of the jobs you studied were most dependent upon science?

The videos are less than 3 minutes long and have all the key facts. 

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