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Week commencing 15.1.24

Please see tasks below for Key stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Careers for the week commencing 15/1/24.

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Key Stage 3 PSHE Topic - Balanced Lifestyles


Understand the importance of good mental health by having a balance between work, online activities and other leisure activities


We can feel the following positive emotions from doing enjoyable activities during our leisure time: relaxation, contentment, satisfaction, energy, serenity, fulfillment, happiness, pleasure, excitement, sense of achievement.

If we are not enjoying our leisure time we can feel tense, restless, dissatisfied, tired, bored.

We can improve our mental wellbeing by using our leisure time to do enjoyable and relaxing screen time activities (for example, watching TV and films, YouTube, TikTok, social media, gaming, etc) but it is important to have a balanced approach to this. Guidelines suggest two hours should be the maximum for all age groups and young children should be as active as possible.

Time outdoors can also make us feel good. This could be going for a walk, gardening, bird watching, conservation work, litter picking, doing a sport, watching, participating in a game.



List all the positive factors you can think of in relation to screen time or time online and all the negative factors you can think of. Write a statement in which you explain your personal view in relation to mental health.

Reflect on your own use of time in relation to online activity, how it makes you feel and whether you need to make realistic plans to reduce if appropriate.

List all the outdoor activities you could do alone, with family or a friend.

Explain outdoor places you could visit in your area.

Are there any clubs in your local area that do outdoor activities e.g. scouts, wobble groups?


Extension (optional)

Research a local leisure club or group eg a sports group, conservation group, scouts, animal care/sanctuary or voluntary group. Explain what they do and what young people would get from it if they joined.


Key Stage 4 PSHE Topic – Healthy Relationships


Understand the importance of stable, committed relationships and the reasons why people may choose to marry or form a civil partnership.


There are many reasons why people say they may marry or form a civil partnership such as:·

  • You want a public show of your love and commitment
  • For religious or moral reasons you think it is wrong to live together or have a sexual relationship without commitment
  • The woman is pregnant so you or the family think that you should be in a committed relationship
  • You want a big celebratory event for you and the family
  • You think it is important for legal and financial reasons
  • You want equal custody and rearing of children
  • It provides security, stability and commitment for any children
  • You see it as a way of being supported financially and gaining access to your partner’s money
  • You want to secure the right to remain or belong to a country for immigration reasons
  • You think it is better to be in a committed relationship for your career profile and promotion
  • Companionship- to have someone to be with and do things with so you are not lonely
  • To have someone to care for you when you are ill or elderly
  • Your friends are all in a committed relationship so you do not want to feel left out or left behind
  • You feel you are running out of time and someone may not want you in the future
  • You want the big Instagram wedding on the beach



For each of the above statements give a scale rating of between 1 and 10 (1 = poor, 10 = very good) whether you think it is a good reason to marry or have a civil partnership. Give a reason for the score if you can.


Extension (optional)

Write a paragraph or article for a magazine in which you explain your personal thoughts on the best and worst reasons for showing commitment through marriage or a civil partnership.



Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Careers


Investigating Career Options


Choose three of the short job videos to watch in the, ‘Maths, why bother?‘ section of the My Path website. For each of the jobs explain whether they would appeal or not appeal to you and why. State whether you would like to find out more about the job or not. Which of the jobs you studied were most dependent upon maths.

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