Welcome Message From the Headteacher

The governors, staff and I are delighted to introduce you to the work of our school.

The Pilgrim School is a Community Special School (Hospital School). We support pupils in the age range of 4 – 16. This means that our school provides education for pupils who are not in their mainstream school because of a medical need. 
We passionately believe that a child’s history is not their destiny; that a person’s current circumstance does not dictate their future. As a school we actively plan for and promote a child’s resilience – remembering that success in school is a powerful resilience factor in itself. 
The school prides itself on its ability to personalise learning and support so that pupils make rapid progress in their learning, especially in English, Maths and Science (including IT) and in their emotional well – being. We teach and support pupils so that they are able to make a successful reintegration back into their next stage of learning or to their next phase of learning.
We firmly believe that all pupils can do well, regardless of personal circumstance, and pupils are able to access a wide range of curriculum choices, particularly at Key Stage 4. Pupils are supported through specific intervention programs such as Resilient Me, PSHE, and Time to Talk. 
As a special school we are not a school of choice; parents cannot apply for their child to come here. The decision of need rests with a medical practitioner but referrals are either sent in by a pupil’s school or through the county education out of schools team. 
I hope that you find the website informative and interesting as it begins to describe the complex, but rewarding work the school does.

Steve Barnes, B.A. (Hons), MSc 

The school was last inspected in November 2013. To view the report please follow the hyperlink on the ‘Links’ page. Alternatively, please call the office to request a hard copy. To contact The Pilgrim School, please call 01522 682319 or e-mail enquiries@pilgrim.lincs.sch.uk

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