Wild Pines Trip 2019

A thoroughly enjoyable day by all the pupils and staff.

Some pupils were highly anxious about going on zip wires and climbing trees due to their fear of heights,  but really pushed themselves to the limit by conquering their fears.  The obstacle course got higher and higher the further round you got, but still no matter what they were determined to complete it.

The pupils supported one another with words of encouragement and praise at being able to achieve each challenge.   Their sense of pride was clearly shown from their smiles and facial expressions.  

A certain pupil was amazing, he was a fairly confident pupil on the course, but he really supported both staff and students to complete the course.   He helped SL round the first phase of the course, and helped myself, JO, and CB to feel more reassured with our fear of heights.

The day continued with several rounds of Archery, which the majority of students engaged in, worked well together as team players, and compete against one another.

I was so proud of all the students for trying so hard at giving the challenge their very best, and enthusiasm to conquer their Anxieties.


Zip Wire

Wild pines course

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