Celebrating Success - Pilgrim Schools 1st D of E Expedition

Pupils have completed their 1st ever Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Expedition

They completed it over two days with one overnight camping.

They have thoroughly enjoyed it but are exhausted!

Click through to read highlights noted by pupils.


Day 1 - 3rd September 2019

  • Boys quickly got lost but managed to rectify the route
  • Girls changed route to help the boys
  • Girls had a mini concert
  • LS struggled through knee high grass
  • Made amazing food
  • Boys put up tents
  • Boys ahead of time both days

Day 2 - 4th September 2019

  • Girls ahead by an hour and a half
  • JS, EW & SH fell in a dyke
  • Girls got lost but managed to complete it
  • LS hurt knee
  • AS did brilliantly but was also supported with a pick up

"All around though, it was a good two days and definately would do it again"

"So Proud of everyone!"

Pupils checking kit and route surrounded by rucksacks

Pupils walking along dyke encountering cows

Pupils have pitched tents for the 1st time

Pupils unpack and cook rations on gas camp stoves

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