Celebrating Success - News about Former pupils:

Pupil A attended the Sleaford base and was the recepient of the Governor's Award at our Award ceremony last year. She has been featured in a local news article and we are all very proud of her.  

The 17-year-old was born with cutis marmorata telangiectatica congenita (CMTC) – a birthmark that affects her blood vessels causing a net-like pattern on her skin and giving it a marbled appearance – as well as a port wine stain birthmark on her face, caused by Sturge-Weber Syndrome. Her condition also means she has internal birthmarks covering her organs. She has various medical complications related to these conditions and this and unfortunate bullying and associted anxiety has affected her self esteem and ability to access education in a mainstream setting.

She moved to our school...where she was supported.

Despite being hospitalised again in May 2018 and having to take her exams from her hospital bed, she managed to pass three GCSEs and two BTECs to secure a place at college. She is now doing a Level 2 beauty therapy course and hopes to go onto study to be a makeup artist in London later this year. Since starting the course, she has made so many new friends who are completely accepting of her birthmark and tell her how beautiful she is with and without makeup. Being surrounded by such a supportive group has seen her confidence bloom and for the first time in her life, she feels happy to show off her birthmark. She said: ‘Before I started college, I was in bad shape.‘But college has helped my confidence so much. Everyone is so lovely and accepting. ‘We had a day where we were all supposed to get facials and I was scared to take my makeup off in front of everyone but my tutor explained that I had a birthmark. ‘When I took my makeup off, everyone came up to me to tell me how beautiful I am without my makeup on. It made me so happy. ‘Since that day, I’ve been going out more and more without my makeup on. I’m a lot more confident just being me.


TL, a young man that we taught at Deepings Youth Centre

A member of staff bumped into him recently and writes:

I met TL, taught at Deeping Youth Centre, at Stamford Halfords where he was advising me on the right oil for my car!

He was very chatty, said he did a motor vehicle maintenance course at Boston when he left Pilgrim and now has an apprenticeship at Halfords.

He has a 6 month old son and says hi and thanks to everyone who supported him and that he knows he wouldn’t be where he was now without Pilgrim.



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Latest News

Celebration Day 2019

Tuesday this week saw a day of Celebration across the school bases.  Louth held their own event tailored to their pupils needs whilst Lincoln and Amber Hill pupils came together to celebrate their achievements over the academic year and, of course, the end of term!

Prom 2019

It was amazing to see so many of our Year 11 and Yr10 pupils supported to attend our annual prom event.  It never ceases to amaze us how well equiped and resilient our pupils have become with time spent with us, to be able to attend and relax in a busy formal setting such as Prom!  The pupils looked great!!

RAF Scampton - Red Arrows Trip

On Thursday 27th June 2019 pupils and staff from Lincoln and Amber Hill bases were invited to RAF Scampton to watch the Red Arrows carry out an in-season display practice.  The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot and this made great conditions for viewing the display. 

Lincs Show 2019

Pupils from Lincoln and Amber Hill base attended the Lincolnshire Show last week. They all had great fun taking in the sights, sounds and smells (literally) of the show! The KS3 group from Amber Hill joined up with ASD centre students and enjoyed watching  the Police Dog show and cuddling a few lively ferrets! Others had a wander around the shops and stalls trying out games and sampling some of the delicious food on offer. They had such a great time and were so tired that some fell asleep on the way home. A good day had by all and a big shout out to JD for being the group organiser and herding the flock all day!

Congratulations! Completed Exams!

Congratulations to all Yr11 pupils who completed their end of year exams.

Message from the head teacher:

The general consensus from overheard chat from the pupils is that they have been well prepared and have given the exams a good shot. The pupils can feel proud and validated by what they have done. They have been helped to achieve this by having had strong teaching and strong support.