London Trip - Educational Visit

An educational trip to London was organised and offered out to all pupils in base. It was an overwhelming success with pupils and staff indicating that they really enjoyed it and that they got a lot out of it. This has involved 40 of our pupils some of whom have never been to the capital. It had been an enormous undertaking and a huge thanks goes to CN and BL and everyone who pulled together to make it happen. It was simply brilliant to observe our young people meeting, travelling, sharing experiences etc. showing true resiliance and demonstrating how far they have come from their individual starting points with us.

Additional Report of the Day.......

On the 7th February the school went to London on a visit of the National Science Museum as part of the curriculum. With 40 pupils and 23 staff including our SEN and wellbeing governor signed up, only 1 pupil didn’t feel like they could make the journey.  We started our journey - we travelled from Peterborough and Grantham train stations in our groups with staff pulling together to get the pupils there. Once we arrived at Kings Cross we made our way to our very own red bus with our conductor and driver.

Once at the 1st museum of the day, we split off into smaller groups and explored the museum together, learning about the different areas of science, walking over glass bridges and all meeting together in our private room for lunch.

After we have exhausted exploring the science museum we headed off to explore more museum and shop and eat McDonalds! The History Museum was fantastic with the different areas and life like animals on display. Harrods …. well, is Harrods!

Once we had all reached our 10,000 steps by 5pm we got back on the bus and had a tour of the sights of London at night which was breath taking.

Arriving back at the train station with 20 minutes to spare some people thought it would be the best time to grab a quick McDonalds again!!!! With trains at the platforms it was a mad dash to make sure all 62 of us were back on the trains.

It was a busy full on day for all staff and pupils and team work made the day run smoothly. Big thanks to all the staff who helped transport the pupils to the stations and home, who gave up their evenings to enable the trip to go ahead and the pupils for taking everything within their stride and being a credit to our school! Looking forward to the next one. Report by CN

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Mental health Splatter Days!

The mental health splatter days have gone very well indeed. Pupils and staff alike were inspired by the stories of courage, determination and resilience that were told by BLESMA and Amy Winehouse survivors. A big thank you to NB for organising this.

World Book day!

Staff and students at all three bases celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 7th March.

There was a quiz and some funny shenanigans with book jackets as students selected book titles that reflected something about their personality.

This photograph demonstrates how this was done in the ASD centre. Fabulous!

Thank you to all staff who encouraged participation. There will be some photographs on display around school soon.


Comic Relief

Well done to the Lincoln base who raised £39 from a cake sale for Comic Relief. They also had a joke competition and our pupil DT won best joke, and our staff member SLwon worst joke. Big thanks to JD for organising this.

Pilgrim Sweatshirts!


The new Pilgrim sweatshirts have gone down a storm and been more popular than we could have imagined. It’s great that so many of our pupils (and indeed staff!) want to identify with our school community in this way. The pop up shop is open again until 10th April and orders can be made by following this link:

A huge thank you to S.

 Purple sweatshirt with Pilgrim Logo


Football - Lincoln City Football Club Day

Six pupils from Lincoln and Amber Hill bases visited Lincoln City Football Club to play football on the afternoon of 6th March 2019.  They played with other pupils from YPLP in an 11 aside match.  All the pupils really got stuck in to the game and demonstrated some real skills.