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What is the Blue Whale Challenge?

The name is supposedly a reference to blue whales that deliberately cast themselves on land to die. The Blue Whale Challenge is a social media challenge that encourages children, teenagers & other users to perform specific tasks, over the course of 50 days that are assigned to them by an anonymous “group administrator.” The tasks escalate throughout the 50 days and on the last day of the challenge the only way to “win” is to die by suicide. Police are issuing grave warnings over the “Blue Whale” suicide game that began targeting teens in Russia and may now be finding its way around the globe.

Please click link to visit our Online Safety Information page for further advice.

School Hoodie Shop Open!

Just to make you all aware the shop is open gain for people to buy Pilgrim hoodies/polo tops! Just click on the link below to order!

Excerpts from message from a Proud Parent as pupil completes yr11

Excerpts selected from letter (for privacy) recieved from parents of one of our pupils who now leaves at the end of Yr11, having been with us from KS3.

Dear Mr Barnes

I am writing to you on what is our daughter’s last official day at Pilgrim.

It is exceedingly difficult to put into words our feelings on this day. We are obviously incredibly sad that the time has come for her to leave this amazing school but also happy that she has experienced such a positive place after the years of trauma

Thankfully, it is our pleasure, as parents, to witness that because Pilgrim School opened its arms to our daughter and welcomed her into the school she is leaving today as a much more stable, happy, and positive young lady. This is thanks to outstanding patience, guidance and above all understanding from all involved.

With (?) additional needs, she will always have ‘bumps in the road’ throughout her life, but Pilgrim has equipped her with the tools she needs to overcome these and move forward. The staff at Pilgrim are totally unique. They understand when others do not. Even as parents, we have looked to them for advice and have always been met with a caring ‘can do’ attitude when we are at a loss of how to help.

Words can never express how grateful we are for everything your school has done for (?).

What an amazing place, with amazing people.


Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum - SEND Survey update

LPCF SEND Survey Results out now

Just to let you know that both our parent carer survey and SENCo survey have now been published and are on the library page of our website. Please click on the link to access.

Please feel free to circulate the reports to anyone who may be interested.

A big thank you from LPCF to everyone who contributed towards the findings.

Please note these reports will be circulated to the DfE, Local Authority, Health, Service providers, Education settings, Parents, Carers and professionals on our membership and are available to the public on the library page of our website.

If you have any feedback on the findings or otherwise do not hesitate to contact us.


Additiional related information can be accessed by following the link below to the main website.


KS3 Amber Hill - Indoor Bowling

Pupils at Amber Hill enjoyed a fun game of Indoor Ten Pin Bowling.

Click Link to Gallery of images.

KS3 Bowling

Parents SEN support group online - LPCF AGM Thursday at 10.30am

Banner of Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum with petal logo

Hi there

LPCF is holding our AGM this Thursday at 10.30 and you are invited to join us on Zoom.

If you would like to find out more about our role and how we support and represent parent carers and professionals on our membership please let me know.

Just reply to this email and we will then send you an invitation – you just click on the link, its simple and you can join from the comfort of your armchair – with a cuppa! 

Unfortunately we can’t provide a buffet lunch with Carols Cake this time but join us to find out what our future plans are.

Hope you can join us – please let me know asap.

Many thanks 

Coralie & LPCF Team

PO Box 1183
PE11 9EE
07925 232 466
The information contained in or attached to this email is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient or a person responsible for delivering it to the intended recipient, you are not authorised to and must not disclose, copy ,distribute , or retain this message or any part of it. It may contain information which is confidential and/or covered by legal professional or other privilege(or other rules or laws with similar effect in jurisdictions outside England and Wales

Pilgrim School - Base preparation for a return to school for yr's 7-10.

Returning to The Pilgrim School – What to Expect

We would like to be able to share a video and/or images of each base to show pupils how the classrooms will be set out when we return. We will also give a brief overview of what will happen when pupils arrive (in terms of hand washing etc). This will be good prep for a lot of our pupils to help re-assure them, parents and guardians.

As we welcome more pupils back through the doors, it is apparent that some things will look and feel different to our ‘norm.’

We therefore thought it would be helpful to share some of the practical things we are doing to keep everyone in our community as safe as possible:

  • We have prepared classrooms so that individual desks are 2 metres apart (photographs/videos are available on our website for each base)
  • Corridors are marked with tape to remind us all of the 2m distance
  • Non-fire doors are pinned open
  • Pupils have access to their own trays with supplies of stationery and books. Any shared items (such as scissors/laptops) will be sanitised with wipes after each use
  • Staff will have less than usual contact with individual exercise books and worksheets. Where possible feedback about work will be given verbally or electronically
  • Air conditioning units are not in use. Windows and external doors will be open as the weather allows
  • Excess furniture and softer seating areas have been stored away
  • Pupils are met by staff on arrival at school and will be collected individually for taxis at the end of the day
  • We will regularly remind all staff and pupils to wash their hands on arrival at school and at the beginning and end of each break. There is also a supply of hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes in each room


 Lincoln Base


Amber Hill Base


Louth Base

The following are images to show the layout of the main teaching spaces in our Louth base in preparation for a return to school for some pupils.

Table layout 2 meter distances


Table layout 2 meter distances

Table layout 2 meter distances

Table layout 2 meter distances

Table layout 2 meter distances

Kooth - Mental Health Awareness Week Including 5 steps to interactive well-being. and C19 Challenge Posters

The themes are Mental Health Awareness Week which includes Kooth's 5 steps to interactive wellbeing, as well as C19 specific challenges posters.

Kooth Mental Health Awareness Week Poster

Here is the link to a brief Kooth introductory video:


Kooth 5 Steps to Well-being Interactive Activities


Kooth C19 specific challenges posters.

1.Discover Kooth



4.Missing Friends


6.Work taking it's toll


MS Teams

The following is a copy of the letter sent out to parents and Protocols and Log in details for pupils if using MS Teams with the school.

MS Teams Letter to Parents

Protocols and log in details

May Half term Break School Closure Information Year 10's and below

14 May 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

I am writing to advise you that, following the government’s recommendation that schools should begin a phased return from the beginning of June, the decision has been made to close the school during the half term break, 25 to 29 May.  Transport Services have been contacted to cancel taxis for those pupils currently attending. This phased return will only be for year 10’s and below and the year 11’s will be written to separately.

We are in the process of planning the phased return and will contact you, as soon as possible, with details once confirmed.

Should you have any queries please contact the Lincoln office on 01522 682319.

Kind Regards

Steve Barnes


Lincoln College Group Virtual Open Days - Extra information for Year 11 pupils and their families

Afternoon Everyone,


I just wanted to bring your attention to the virtual Open Days that we are starting to offer. As a result of not being able to deliver all of our events this academic year, many students have the missed the opportunity to come to speak to our curriculum and support staff.


To ensure school students are able to access information we plan to run virtual Open Days, with a focus on small clusters of subject areas per event to support students in making informed decisions about their next steps. Our first virtual event is on Wednesday 20th May from 5-7pm and covers Sport, Public Services, Policing College, Animal Care and Equine, Catering and Hospitality and Travel and Tourism. 


We also have an Air & Defence College virtual Open Day planned for Wednesday 24th June from 5-7pm. More virtual open events will continue to be added to our website and advertised on our social media platforms.


The events include videos from college staff discussing course information, student support, careers advice, work experience, maths and English and tutorials. They will also feature a live zoom webinar with subject area specialists who will provide course overviews, plus a Q&A session.


Registrations to the events can be made by going to, clicking on ‘Open Days’ and selecting the virtual Open Day you would like to attend. Alternatively, registrations for our first event can be made by clicking here.


Lincoln City Foundation - Virtual Extra Time Hubs

Please find below some information regarding Lincoln City Foundation’s Virtual Extra Time Hubs.

Unfortunately due to the current situation, social gatherings are on hold including our local community projects. However, Lincoln City Foundation are now providing their extra time hubs online which includes guest speakers, home exercises, quizzes and other challenges. To find out more information click HERE.

Shine - Mental Health Support Network In Lincolnshire

connecting people with the services and support that will most effectively meet their needs

Please Share with your contacts

Next weeks Virtual Coffee Mornings/Afternoon will take place at

11am to 12noon on
Monday 27 April on

2pm to 3pm on
Wednesday 29 April on

11am to 12noon on
Friday 1 May on

Following some security concerns we have:

  • Restricted access by asking participants to register by emailing to receive login details
  • All participants will enter a waiting room prior to being allowed into the meeting (waiting room will open 15 minutes before the start)
  • Discussion will be restricted to non-confidential talk (no talking about personal information, health and social care staff/treatments, etc.)

We hope you can join us at one or more of the sessions next week and look forward to seeing you there

Warm Regards

Mike Martin


Safe Places Zoom meeting

at Tonic Health is a meeting group on a Tuesday afternoon from 4.30 open to anyone 18+

We also have an Autistic Led group which is on a Thursday at 4.30.  Autistic Led is specifically for people 18+ who have autism or Asperger’s.

If anyone is interested in joining either group they can email Ruth at or call me on 07579 033347.


Kate and Bill From Stepping Stone Theatre For Mental Health LIVETALK every day at 3.00pm

To take part join via Stepping Stone Theatres' Facebook page by searching for Stepping Stone Theatre


Please click on either image above to download/view the original document

Keep Busy Sources - Lincoln Castle Story Competition

Hi Everyone,

Lincoln Castle is currently running a story competition about ‘Lucy’, the castle’s dragon. If you click on the link below, it will take you to their homepage and can link through to more details about the competition. There are 3 age categories, so it is designed to be suitable for teenagers and adults, as well as younger children. Anyway, I thought it may be something that could appeal to some of our pupils, or even our own children if they are a bit stumped for something to do.




Headteacher Update to Parents/Guardians

Dear Parent/Carer


I hope this letter finds you all well.

For those of you with pupils at home, thank you for your continued support to help them access some learning. Please remember that teaching staff are contactable by email if you have any subject specific queries.

I thought you may appreciate an update as we progress towards week three of the school being partially closed.

We continue to offer provision at our Lincoln base for those pupils deemed as vulnerable and those who have keyworkers as parents. Pupils from Amber Hill are being transported over to Lincoln  by school minibus in order to support transport services who are struggling to maintain their usual county-wide service.

We are settling in to a system of mornings being spent accessing online learning and afternoons being more activity and fun focussed. School staff from across the bases are working on a rota system and there is always a member of the leadership team on site.

As directed by the government, this service will continue to run for those who need it over the Easter holidays, including the Bank Holidays. However, we do encourage those pupils at home for the two weeks to take a break from their timetabled studies and enjoy other activities.

As a reminder, vulnerable pupils are identified as those who have an allocated Social Worker or who are in receipt of an EHCP. We want to make it clear that wherever possible pupils should remain at home during this timein order to help reduce transmission rates. However, we recognise that these are challenging times and that change of routine and purpose may have a detrimental impact on these vulnerable groups and as such, should you feel that your child would be better placed in school, please speak to us. When considering this, please be mindful that school will look and feel different to the ‘norm.’

Anyone accessing local authority transport is currently on a full timetable. We can of course be more flexible with times if you are able to transport your child to and from the Lincoln base and can accommodate a reduced number of days if you are able to transport to Amber Hill to meet the minibus.

Could I please ask that those families who wish to access a school place for the following week try to notify their RSO/Lincoln office by Wednesday lunchtime each week please? This enables us to plan staffing appropriately.

As always during this time, any pupil or family member who is displaying symptoms of Covid-19 should follow the recommended isolation period.

Thank you for your continued support and kind messages; they continue to be much appreciated.

Kind regards

Steve Barnes


Lincoln, Newark & Gainsborough Colleges Update for Year 11's

Information about College and Post 16 entries for current Yr 11's can be found on our 'Subject Support & College/Post16 Entry Updates page 

CEOP/thinkuknow - Activities for parents to use to support young people during partial school closures

Once a fortnight, on Tuesdays, we will produce an activity sheet to help you support your child while schools are partially closed. There's also plenty of advice for parents and carers on keeping your child safe online at

Visit our Keep Busy Sources page for initial activities.



GOV.UK - COVID-19 Update




Department for Education




This is your daily email to keep you updated on the government’s response to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Guidance on implementing social distancing in education and childcare settings

On 24 March, we published new guidance on how to implement social distancing in education and childcare settings. This guidance also gives advice for individuals in vulnerable health groups:

It is important to read this alongside the overall guidance for social distancing:

School governance update

We have published an update about school governance which includes guidance in relation to coronavirus (COVID-19):

Guidance for commercial suppliers

You may be aware that Cabinet Office has issued guidance on providing support to suppliers during and after coronavirus (COVID-19).

A Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 220 sets out information and guidance for public bodies on payment of their suppliers to ensure service continuity:

We are aware of the high number of requests you have already had from your suppliers requesting support in line with the PPN. Please make sure you are familiar with this guidance before agreeing any support with your suppliers.

Contracting authorities, including the Department for Education (DfE), are considering how to respond to suppliers at risk, so that they are in a position to resume normal contract delivery once the outbreak is over.

We are working to provide more detailed advice and guidance to you on what this means for the suppliers that support you.

Please direct any questions to the DfE Commercial team by emailing:

Resources for educational settings

We have updated our guidance for schools and other educational settings on how best to provide advice about coronavirus (COVID-19). A new poster resource is now available:

Collection of guidance for educational settings on GOV.​UK

All of the Department for Education’s coronavirus guidance for educational settings can now be found in one place on GOV.​UK:

Handwashing advice

The most important thing individuals can do to protect themselves is to wash their hands more often, for at least 20 seconds, with soap and water. Public Health England recommends that in addition to handwashing before eating, and after coughing and sneezing, everyone should also wash hands after using toilets and travelling on public transport.

The latest guidance and video on hand washing can be found here:

Department for Education coronavirus helpline

The Department for Education coronavirus helpline is available to answer questions about COVID-19 relating to education and children’s social care. Staff, parents and young people can contact this helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday), 10am to 4pm (Saturday to Sunday)

Please note, we are currently experiencing high volumes of calls. We appreciate your patience at this time and apologise for any wait that you may experience. To ensure that we answer your calls as quickly as possible, we have now extended our opening hours to cover weekends and are increasing the number of call handlers available to answer your calls.

If you work in a school, please have your unique reference number (URN or UKPRN) available when calling the hotline.

Please keep your GIAS contacts up to date

Please take this opportunity to review your contact information in Get Information About Schools (GIAS).

To update your record, please go to the GIAS home page, “Sign in” using your “DfE Sign-in” credentials and select GIAS from your available services here:
















Instructions for pupils to access school Remote Desktop

In the event of school closure, pupils may use the following guide to access their school account on the Remote Desktop.  This will enable them to continue with existing work, use applications to aid completion of work set on our Subject Support Page and our FireflyPlatform.  In addition to this, they will be able to access and use their school email to correspond with relevant subject staff.

Logon Guide

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Increased Risk Info Update

Government update of pupil at high risk from coronavirus

Celebrating Success: Ice Skating:

On Friday 7th Feb Pilgrim saw one of the biggest trips yet. Lincoln and Louth ventured off to Grimsby to show off their skating skills whilst Amber Hill pupils headed off to Peterborough Ice Rink. Almost everyone had a great time with one pupil coming back to base saying ‘that’s the best trip I have been on’. We couldn’t do these trips without the support of the staff, and especially CN who takes responsibility for the organisation  – a huge task, so a big thank you to the staff that took the pupils on the trip but also those that stayed behind and helped cover the bases.

JW, a pupil from the Amber Hill base has written the following about the trip:

I think the ice skating trip was very fun and enjoyable. It let the students try something new and gave them something to be proud of.

We got on a coach to get there and back which was nice because it took my worries away with sorting out transport. When we got there we got our ice skates and started skating. There were a few students who were nervous to go straight on the ice so there was a bit where they could watch until they felt comfortable to join in.  If you wanted a break there was a little restaurant /café where you could order food and have a drink which was good it was also very quiet in there which is good for people with anxiety.

A lot of the students looked so happy and that they were enjoying them self’s they sounded pleased with them self that they gave something new a try. We got to skate for about 2 hours which is a good time it was not to short or too long.

When we got back I asked my friends if they enjoyed the trip and they said yes, it’s lovely to have a break and just have a laugh with friends and staff. I think it’s nice to have school trips because work and lessons can get too much sometimes so it’s good to have a day doing something else.

I think the ice skating was a good idea and I assume everybody had a really good time.

Department for Education Coronavirus helpline

Today, we have launched a new helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education. Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

Coronavirus Advice

Please click on the link below to access imprtant information and advice for education settings

Coronavirus advice poster






Pilgrim Hoodies - Online Shop Open

The store is OPEN and closes on Monday 2nd march at 11pm

New National Scheme - Operation Encompass

Info for Parents..

In December 2019 we will become an Operation Encompass School, becoming part of a national scheme which runs jointly between all schools and the police.

Operation Encompass is the reporting to schools, prior to the start of the next school day, when a child or young person has experienced, any domestic abuse.

A letter has been sent out to parents and guardians andcan also be downloaded, as required, from our Parents page.

Celebrating Success - Kinema In The Woods - Christmas Movie - Home Alone!!!

A brilliant day was had by staff and pupils at the end of year treat of watching a movie at 'Kinema In The Woods' at Woodhall Spa.  53 pupils attended, supported by numerous staff.  A big thank you goes out to the organisers, the drivers and additional staff support on the day.  Also a big thank you to staff that stayed at our bases to support pupils who felt unable to attend the event this year. 





A Christmas Carol - English Trip

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped out with the trip.

It was a great production and a fantastic introduction to the theatre and to Dickens, for a good many of our pupils (18 in total).

For the staff who drove and accompanied pupils it was a long and tiring day, but your good humour, patience and kindness to our pupils, is always humbling. Without you our pupils would not have these opportunities. Thank you K, C, L, S-A

Thanks also to the staff that helped with directions and all the staff left behind who worked so well when supporting the groups that continued with lessons.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to CN for organising such a great day. She spent many hours making phone calls, sorting paperwork, such as the risk assessment, contact details etc. and sending emails and parent mail etc.etc.

Cheers everyone!


Celebrating Success: Children in Need: Further Update

Thank you to everyone who contributed to coordinating events to raise money for Children in need, whether you liaised with the relevant charities, baked cakes, bought cakes, made a donation, supervised pupils, designed quizzes etc. A big shout out though for JD who arranged events in both Lincoln and Louth.

Totals raised were as follows:

Lincoln: £46.80

Amber Hill: £117.55

Louth: £19.20

Autism Support Network Fund:

We are pleased to announce we have been successful in bidding for a Garden Project for the Amber Hill site. The amount awarded is £15,000 and we will be looking at how that money is spent and the facilities used in the coming weeks. Well done to all involved.

Children in Need 2019 Amber Hill £117.55

On Thursday the 13th and Friday the 14th of November, the staff and pupils at our Amber Hill base held charity events for children in need.

They held a bake sale on both days in which staff and pupils baked or brought cakes in. On Friday there were games and a quiz in which staff and pupils participated.

Fun was had by all.

Big  thanks to DA for being the quiz master and donating the profits from Amber Grill.

They raised a fabulous £117.55 in total.

Celebrating Success - Awards Evening 2019

The Awards’ evening held just before half term was an enormous success and, as always, it was a pleasure to see so many of our year 11 leavers. We also appreciated the opportunity to say goodbye to JG our chair of governors. These events of course don’t just happen. Lots of preparation goes on in the background and our thanks goes to CN and her team for all their hard work.

Many thanks to CS for his photographic services once again. 

Wild Pines Trip 2019

A thoroughly enjoyable day by all the pupils and staff.

Some pupils were highly anxious about going on zip wires and climbing trees due to their fear of heights,  but really pushed themselves to the limit by conquering their fears.  The obstacle course got higher and higher the further round you got, but still no matter what they were determined to complete it.

The pupils supported one another with words of encouragement and praise at being able to achieve each challenge.   Their sense of pride was clearly shown from their smiles and facial expressions.  

A certain pupil was amazing, he was a fairly confident pupil on the course, but he really supported both staff and students to complete the course.   He helped SL round the first phase of the course, and helped myself, JO, and CB to feel more reassured with our fear of heights.

The day continued with several rounds of Archery, which the majority of students engaged in, worked well together as team players, and compete against one another.

I was so proud of all the students for trying so hard at giving the challenge their very best, and enthusiasm to conquer their Anxieties.


Zip Wire

Wild pines course

Celebrating Success - Pilgrim Schools 1st D of E Expedition

Pupils have completed their 1st ever Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Expedition

They completed it over two days with one overnight camping.

They have thoroughly enjoyed it but are exhausted!

Click through to read highlights noted by pupils.


Day 1 - 3rd September 2019

  • Boys quickly got lost but managed to rectify the route
  • Girls changed route to help the boys
  • Girls had a mini concert
  • LS struggled through knee high grass
  • Made amazing food
  • Boys put up tents
  • Boys ahead of time both days

Day 2 - 4th September 2019

  • Girls ahead by an hour and a half
  • JS, EW & SH fell in a dyke
  • Girls got lost but managed to complete it
  • LS hurt knee
  • AS did brilliantly but was also supported with a pick up

"All around though, it was a good two days and definately would do it again"

"So Proud of everyone!"

Pupils checking kit and route surrounded by rucksacks

Pupils walking along dyke encountering cows

Pupils have pitched tents for the 1st time

Pupils unpack and cook rations on gas camp stoves

Celebrating Success - Young Person/People of the Year Award.

A few weeks before the Summer holidays NB submitted a nomination for the whole school through a company called ACIS Group for the award of Young Person/People of the Year Award.  The category relates to young people who have done or doing something extraordinary, or deserve recognition. Since then we have received confirmation that our school has been shortlisted for the award with an invite  to attend the awards ceremony on 23rd October 2019.  We hope we are in with a good shot at winning due to the work that we carry out and how our pupils attend and work through their issues. Fab news. Well done and thank you NB!

News of Past Pupils

My names LS and I was a student at Sleaford Pilgrim 1 year ago from January- June. I just wanted to say I am so grateful for everything everyone had done for me and I’m in such a good place because of you all. Such a great team.

I am currently at college studying my level 2 Beauty Therapy and currently work part time at a salon. Whilst beauty therapy was a career choice for me, I’ve always wanted to go down the route of mental health and working with children and plan to explore these opportunities in the future

Celebrating Success - End of term team celebrations and news of past pupils.

The end of term featured lots of positive and exciting events that brought teams of staff, pupils and governors together for a celebration of all that is Pilgrim. To all staff and governors who were involved in making the various activities a success – thank you. All take great amounts of organisation. We do not take for granted the extra mile you go for our pupils at what is the most exhausting part of the academic year.

It has been particularly heartening to hear of past pupils over the summer – some having overcome significant barriers to maintain steady employment and some achieving academic success and progressing on to university. It does indeed make all our efforts worthwhile.







Celebration Day 2019

Tuesday this week saw a day of Celebration across the school bases.  Louth held their own event tailored to their pupils needs whilst Lincoln and Amber Hill pupils came together to celebrate their achievements over the academic year and, of course, the end of term!

The day started with an assembly by two Olympic athletes, Adam and Paige, from the Inspired By Sport Initiative. They spoke about difficulties they have overcome in their careers so far and their hopes to compete in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

Following this, pupils from the two bases were awarded with certificates for their academic achievements and progress and each pupil was presented with a medal by the athletes for their participation in the Pilgrim family.

After a BBQ and ice cream, groups of pupils worked with Adam and Paige on some circuit training and participated in some fun and games on the field.

Over in Louth, pupils enjoyed a fish and chip lunch and a film after the presentation of their awards.

We are grateful for the sunshine and all the pupils that participated in the day’s events. Have a great summer everyone!

 Staff v pupils in tug of war straining to win


Prom 2019

It was amazing to see so many of our Year 11 and Yr10 pupils supported to attend our annual prom event.  It never ceases to amaze us how well equiped and resilient our pupils have become with time spent with us, to be able to attend and relax in a busy formal setting such as Prom!  The pupils looked great!!

The Prom was a huge success and as always a positive and enjoyable event but all will agree the venue this year and the catering made it possibly the best Prom we have ever had. Many thanks to CN and her team for the organisation, MF's husband for the catering and LS's husband for the photos.

Pupils gathered together for group shot at Prom 2019

RAF Scampton - Red Arrows Trip

On Thursday 27th June 2019 pupils and staff from Lincoln and Amber Hill bases were invited to RAF Scampton to watch the Red Arrows carry out an in-season display practice.  The Community Development Officer from RAF Scampton met the staff and pupils at the main gate and escorted us to the viewing area located near the airfield.  The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot and this made great conditions for viewing the display.  We watched the aircrew walk from an adjacent hangar to the red hawk aircraft that were parked on the aircraft pan nearby.  Shortly after the aircraft engines fired into action and the aircraft began taxiing along the taxiway onto the runway.  The aircraft then ejected red, white and blue smoke whilst on the runway before taking off and conducted an amazing display that was enjoyed by all.  We were very lucky and in prime position to watch the display as we were sited on the airfield side of the hangars and very near the taxiway.  A big thank you to RAF Scampton for this amazing opportunity.

Red Arrow planes lined up and ready

 Red Arrows flying in formation with coloured smoke on

Pilgrim staff and pupils relaxing on picnic benches and grass

Lincs Show 2019

Pupils from Lincoln and Amber Hill base attended the Lincolnshire Show last week. They all had great fun taking in the sights, sounds and smells (literally) of the show! The KS3 group from Amber Hill joined up with ASD centre students and enjoyed watching  the Police Dog show and cuddling a few lively ferrets! Others had a wander around the shops and stalls trying out games and sampling some of the delicious food on offer. They had such a great time and were so tired that some fell asleep on the way home. A good day had by all and a big shout out to JD for being the group organiser and herding the flock all day!

 Pupil holding a ferret gently in hands and smiling

Congratulations! Completed Exams!

Congratulations to all Yr11 pupils who completed their end of year exams.

Message from the head teacher:

The general consensus from overheard chat from the pupils is that they have been well prepared and have given the exams a good shot. The pupils can feel proud and validated by what they have done. They have been helped to achieve this by having had strong teaching and strong support.

Celebrating Success - News about Former pupils:

Pupil A attended the Sleaford base and was the recepient of the Governor's Award at our Award ceremony last year. She has been featured in a local news article and we are all very proud of her.  

The 17-year-old was born with cutis marmorata telangiectatica congenita (CMTC) – a birthmark that affects her blood vessels causing a net-like pattern on her skin and giving it a marbled appearance – as well as a port wine stain birthmark on her face, caused by Sturge-Weber Syndrome. Her condition also means she has internal birthmarks covering her organs. She has various medical complications related to these conditions and this and unfortunate bullying and associted anxiety has affected her self esteem and ability to access education in a mainstream setting.

She moved to our school...where she was supported.

Despite being hospitalised again in May 2018 and having to take her exams from her hospital bed, she managed to pass three GCSEs and two BTECs to secure a place at college. She is now doing a Level 2 beauty therapy course and hopes to go onto study to be a makeup artist in London later this year. Since starting the course, she has made so many new friends who are completely accepting of her birthmark and tell her how beautiful she is with and without makeup. Being surrounded by such a supportive group has seen her confidence bloom and for the first time in her life, she feels happy to show off her birthmark. She said: ‘Before I started college, I was in bad shape.‘But college has helped my confidence so much. Everyone is so lovely and accepting. ‘We had a day where we were all supposed to get facials and I was scared to take my makeup off in front of everyone but my tutor explained that I had a birthmark. ‘When I took my makeup off, everyone came up to me to tell me how beautiful I am without my makeup on. It made me so happy. ‘Since that day, I’ve been going out more and more without my makeup on. I’m a lot more confident just being me.


TL, a young man that we taught at Deepings Youth Centre

A member of staff bumped into him recently and writes:

I met TL, taught at Deeping Youth Centre, at Stamford Halfords where he was advising me on the right oil for my car!

He was very chatty, said he did a motor vehicle maintenance course at Boston when he left Pilgrim and now has an apprenticeship at Halfords.

He has a 6 month old son and says hi and thanks to everyone who supported him and that he knows he wouldn’t be where he was now without Pilgrim.



Celebrating Success - Children of Courage Awards

The Sleaford Rotarian Children of Courage Awards for 2019 were held on Tuesday 19th March 2019 in the North Kesteven District Council Offices and 2 of The Pilgrim School pupils were nominated to receive awards.  These awards are given to children who have demonstrated positive attitudes under great adversity and who have gone above and beyond.  Jemma Whiteside and Brandon Edwards both received awards for their resilience and positive attitudes to overcome their individual adversities, alongside 5 other pupils from local mainstream schools and the evening was a great success.  NB provided the audience with an update of The Pilgrim School and the school received a lot of support and plaudits from various dignitaries who attended the event.

Group of pupils and guests at Awards Evening

Opening Ceremony - Amber Hill

The opening ceremony for Amber Hill held on the 5th April was a fantastic success. We have received very positive feedback from the guests who attended. One of the project managers for LCC wrote in an email:

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to the team for the hugely successful official opening day last week.  The students and staff seem very at home in their new location and it was good to see the school being well used.

Thank you for inviting me to the event, I enjoyed seeing the facility being used so well considering from where it all began – could you also pass on my thanks to the Head Teacher, Chair of Governors, governors, staff and pupils – they deservedly must be very proud of how far the Pilgrim School has come.

Opening ceremony with guests standing in front of curtainGuest talking with Chair of Governors

Comic Relief

Well done to the Lincoln base who raised £39 from a cake sale for Comic Relief. They also had a joke competition and our pupil DT won best joke, and our staff member SLwon worst joke. Big thanks to JD for organising this.

World Book day!

Staff and students at all three bases celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 7th March.

There was a quiz and some funny shenanigans with book jackets as students selected book titles that reflected something about their personality.

This photograph demonstrates how this was done in the ASD centre. Fabulous!

Thank you to all staff who encouraged participation. There will be some photographs on display around school soon.

 Pupil with book over face to reflect their interest

Mental health Splatter Days!

The mental health splatter days have gone very well indeed. Pupils and staff alike were inspired by the stories of courage, determination and resilience that were told by BLESMA and Amy Winehouse survivors. A big thank you to NB for organising this.

Pilgrim Sweatshirts!


The new Pilgrim sweatshirts have gone down a storm and been more popular than we could have imagined. It’s great that so many of our pupils (and indeed staff!) want to identify with our school community in this way. The pop up shop is open again until 10th April and orders can be made by following this link:

A huge thank you to S.


Purple sweatshirt with Pilgrim Logo

Football - Lincoln City Football Club Day

Six pupils from Lincoln and Amber Hill bases visited Lincoln City Football Club to play football on the afternoon of 6th March 2019.  They played with other pupils from YPLP in an 11 aside match.  All the pupils really got stuck in to the game and demonstrated some real skills.  On at least one occasion JW left defenders in his wake and took powerful shots at the opposition goal.  SGW really got stuck into mid-field and was able to tackle and keep the ball as well as lay off the ball to other team mates.  All the pupils and parents thoroughly enjoyed the 60 minutes of football and our pupils mixed well with the YPLP pupils and were enjoying the comradery.   This was a very successful afternoon and hopefully something we can repeat in the future.

Our Pupil Team Shot

Dogs For Good - Family Dog Service for Parents and Carers of Autistic Children aged 3-16

I am writing from the Family Dog service at the assistance dog charity Dogs for Good. This service is for parents and carers who have a child with autism between the ages of 3 and 16, who are either looking at getting a dog or who want to train their own pet dog to help their child. The service consists of 3 workshops followed by unlimited email and phone aftercare. 

We are planning on running these workshops at the South Hykeham Village Hall starting in April.  This is the first time we have been able to bring them to the area and are therefore hoping to promote the workshops in local areas to spread awareness. 

For further information, please visit our website  and we also have a short YouTube clip that can also be shared



London Trip - Educational Visit

An educational trip to London was organised and offered out to all pupils in base. It was an overwhelming success with pupils and staff indicating that they really enjoyed it and that they got a lot out of it. This has involved 40 of our pupils some of whom have never been to the capital. It had been an enormous undertaking and a huge thanks goes to CN and BL and everyone who pulled together to make it happen. It was simply brilliant to observe our young people meeting, travelling, sharing experiences etc. showing true resiliance and demonstrating how far they have come from their individual starting points with us.

Additional Report of the Day.......

On the 7th February the school went to London on a visit of the National Science Museum as part of the curriculum. With 40 pupils and 23 staff including our SEN and wellbeing governor signed up, only 1 pupil didn’t feel like they could make the journey.  We started our journey - we travelled from Peterborough and Grantham train stations in our groups with staff pulling together to get the pupils there. Once we arrived at Kings Cross we made our way to our very own red bus with our conductor and driver.

Once at the 1st museum of the day, we split off into smaller groups and explored the museum together, learning about the different areas of science, walking over glass bridges and all meeting together in our private room for lunch.

After we have exhausted exploring the science museum we headed off to explore more museum and shop and eat McDonalds! The History Museum was fantastic with the different areas and life like animals on display. Harrods …. well, is Harrods!

Once we had all reached our 10,000 steps by 5pm we got back on the bus and had a tour of the sights of London at night which was breath taking.

Arriving back at the train station with 20 minutes to spare some people thought it would be the best time to grab a quick McDonalds again!!!! With trains at the platforms it was a mad dash to make sure all 62 of us were back on the trains.

It was a busy full on day for all staff and pupils and team work made the day run smoothly. Big thanks to all the staff who helped transport the pupils to the stations and home, who gave up their evenings to enable the trip to go ahead and the pupils for taking everything within their stride and being a credit to our school! Looking forward to the next one. Report by CN

Celebrating Success - News about past pupils!

A pupil MG, who attended the Louth group, has been in touch to pass on her thanks to the school as she has just been offered a place at Bristol University to study Criminology.

HB from the Lincoln base has been offered a place at Nottingham Trent University to study Music Production.

EB formerly of the Boston base is now a Case Support worker.

Well done everyone. News about past pupils is always the best news!

News about past pupils:

A pupil, CS, who attended the Lincoln base has been voted apprentice of the year at Lincoln College.

JJ from the Louth base is actively engaging in his placement.

KK, also from the Louth base, is successfully accessing his CLIP placement.

AS from the Sleaford base has successfully completed a work placement as part of her college course and this has led to her being offered a part time job.

Kinema in The Woods School Trip - Ralph Breaks The Internet

We had a very successful cinema trip with over 70 pupils and staff in attendance.  Pupils and staff were treated to a showing of 'Ralph breaks the Internet', the sequel to 'Wreck It Ralph'.  Everyone, of all ages, really enjoyed the film, even though some of the oldies did not understand what half of it was about!  The pupils were amazing and represented themselves and the school perfectly. 

Kinema in the Woods outside view

Celebrating Success - Dress as your Hero for Remembrance Day

Thanks to DA for organising a ‘Heroes’ morning at Amber Hill as part of the Remembrance celebrations this year. Pupils and staff were encouraged to come dressed as their hero and time was spent reflecting on what a true hero was before acknowledging the two minute silence at the war memorial which is positioned just inside the school grounds.

Amber Hill - Community Coffee Morning

Amber Hill recently held a community coffee morning as part of the pupil’s Vocational Study course and also to build relationships with the local village. Pupils baked cakes for the event which were sold to raise money and tea and coffee was served for free. We were delighted to have 20 visitors from the village who were genuinely pleased that the school was open again after many years of being closed. Many thanks to LC and LS for organising the cake bake with pupils.

A range of home baked cakes arranged on a table

Children In Need 2018 - £100 raised!

We raised £48.16 at Amber Hill. Pupils and staff dressed in spots, something yellow or pyjamas and they took part in activities such as Pudsey Coin Fill and making paper bear puppets. KS3 got really stuck into the fun and were awarded chocolate bears and stickers!

Between Amber Hill and Lincoln base £100 was raised.

Pupils filling Pudsey images with coins

Stay Safe Info: Sexting – YouTube short clip from the LSCB

  1. Sexting – YouTube short clip from the LSCB

Dan Hawbrook has produced his third short YouTube clip, this time focusing on Sexting. This clip gives parents and professionals the information they need on this subject and signposts onto other useful sources of information. 

This and other clips are on the LSCB YouTube channel and can be accessed via this link

Andy Payne
Stay Safe Partnership Co-ordinator

Postponed!!!!! Extended Support - Pilgrim Holiday Club

Following the success of our first ever holiday club last year, we are very pleased to inform you of a further opportunity for our pupils.

Dates and further info will be provided on a letter home.

In partnership with YMCA Lincolnshire, we will be offering 2 days over October half term:

The Showroom, Lincoln (for Lincoln and Louth pupils)

Amber Hill base (for Amber Hill pupils)

There will be two activities on the day, one creative and one physical. The sessions will be led by YMCA staff and supported by at least one member of Pilgrim School staff. Adaptations will be made as necessary for individual pupils. YMCA staff will be visiting Lincoln and Amber Hill bases beforehand to introduce themselves and promote the days.

Celebrating Success - News of Past Pupils

It has been fantastic to hear from some staff that have bumped into past pupils recently and/or have been informed about what some of them are now doing.  It has been great to hear of some completing courses and others working.  In all cases pupils have indicated that they have fond memories of their time at the Pilgrim School and offer thanks to the support that was offered to them. That support has a tangible far reaching, positive affect on their lives.  What is also lovely to here is that often they have kept in touch with friends from their peer group.  Moveing forward with a positive network, brilliant!!! A big thank you all staff and agencies that support our young people.

Go Ape Trip

On Thursday the 11th of October the school embarked on a trip to Go Ape; an activity centre in the Sherwood Pines. All three bases joined together for a day full of adrenaline and excitement. Both the pupils and staff spent the morning mastering the wobbly obstacles and tricky crossings which stretched from tree to tree, the morning was rounded off with everyone soaring through the tree tops on an exhilarating zip line.

 Group Shot at Go Ape

After a short break the school participated in a selection of fun filled, team building activities which encouraged patience, persistence and effective communication with teammates.

Fun Activity

Then it was time for a well-deserved lunch break and time to reflect and relax in the heart of the largest woodland in East Midlands.

Overall the trip was an amazing success for the staff and the students from all bases.

Pilgrim Go Ape!!

Pupils and staff are really looking forward to their GO APE trip! Pupils will have the opportunity to gain confidence as individuals whilst working with each other as a team to navigate and negotiate various challenges whilst suspended at various heights off the ground depending on confidence.

Zip wire, rope bridges and suspended scramble nets, rope monkey bars and more more more.....

An Inspector Calls Trip - Message from Head of English & Humanities

A big THANK YOU to everyone who made this trip possible in such a short space of time!

A special thank you to the drivers for accompanying to York, picking up and dropping off pupils and not getting home until after 7 p.m.

Pupils and staff enjoyed each others company and had a great day out!

Group shot of pupils and staff outside Theatre

Also to all the people who work hard behind the scenes for sorting out transport (especially organising for extra taxis and contact numbers), help with the risk assessment and thank you to all those who had to cover/help out in our lessons.

It was a great trip; the performance was excellent and certainly gave us all food for thought; we got to see the beautiful York Minster from the outside and our pupils were an absolute delight – a credit to The Pilgrim School.

I feel passionately about the value of these trips for our children and it’s colleagues like you who help to make it happen.

End of Term Trip to Mablethorpe for Louth Pupils

Nine go to Mablethorpe

On Thursday 19th July 2018, staff and pupils from Louth base went on an end of term trip to Mablethorpe.  The day started with a visit to the Seal Sanctuary where the staff and pupils enjoyed an informative walk around the grounds and learnt about the various animals at the sanctuary.  Whilst there we spotted a couple of unusual monkeys.

Staff looking Through Like Cheeky Monkeys


The sanctuary is deceptively large with many domestic and more unusual animals/mammals; these included meerkats, snow leopards and many more.  We had a group photo at the end of the morning.

Staff and Pupils having a group photo 

We then had a stroll to the sea front where we stopped for fish and chips and following this made our way to the fun fair.  The pupils (and some staff) had a go on various rides and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

Pupils on Fun Fair Ride


The trip was a great success and provided the pupils an opportunity to learn outside of school; increase resilience and enjoy each other’s company as well as have discussions with staff.  Thanks to SLT for authorising this worth while event.

Past Pupils Success!

We have been informed that two of our past pupils are doing very well in their Post 16 education.

One has just completed her AS levels and achieved A,A,B.

The second pupil that has left us a time ago, has now been accepted onto a Masters in Criminology.

We wish them well, and look forward to hearing more positive stories of past pupils.

Fantastic Start to the New Academic Year for all at Pilgrim!

The new academic year has started positively across all the Pilgrim bases with staff and pupils enjoying re-acclimatisation and settling activities aimed at reassuring, re-connecting relationships and forming initial connections and bonds for pupils new to the school.

Amber Hill base opened it's doors for the 1st time to pupils merging from our previous Boston and Sleaford bases.  Pupils and staff have had a fantastic day that has been helped greatly by the work staff put in to 'Get to know you sessions' prior to the summer, when pupils visited each others bases and took part in team building activities. Fantastic work folks!!!

£1 one way - summer offer on CallConnect

£1 one way - summer offer on CallConnect

CallConnect has a seasonal treat for young people throughout this summer's school holidays. The service is offering passengers aged 18 and under special £1 bus tickets for one-way journeys on pre-booked CallConnect services across the county from Saturday 21 July to Monday 3 September. That means young people living in rural areas and remote communities can meet friends, enjoy activities, go to work or the shops, and link up with other transport services without breaking the bank. The 'One Pound One Way' initiative returns after scoring a major success last summer, often saving younger passengers several pounds each time they travelled. 

LSCB Youtube Channel – short clips for schools:

At the recent Designated Safeguarding Lead Briefings it was mentioned that the e safety officer for the Stay Safe Partnership / LSCB,  is producing some short video clips for schools to help support parents and pupils.

Each clip will be no more than 3 minutes long and the first two clips are 'a quick chat about game ratings' and 'a quick chat about parental controls'.

Christmas London Trip Head Teacher & Governors message for the archive!

A Special Message from the Head Teacher to one and all at Pilgrim this Christmas about our London Trip and how it has encapsulated the spirit of the Pilgrim School.

Hi Everybody

I have spoken to JO and said how much I appreciate what the team has done for the children on the London trip.

I really appreciate and want to thank you for all that you have done, everyone of you, to make this trip possible. JO, for organizing and leading the trip, the staff who accompanied the pupils on ever such a long day, and the people who have helped the pupils develop their resilience so that they thought they could go and for ensuring that the school still functioned.

If Pilgrim stands for anything then it stands for creating a place and giving pupils experiences so that they believe that  they can do more than their history has told them they can; creating places and experiences where pupils thrive. This can only happen where there is a staff team who see their job not as “ticking boxes” but by regularly and habitually going the extra mile.

I appreciate what you do, but much more importantly so do the pupils – even if they do not know how to say it.

 Kind Regards

 Steve Barnes

 Head Teacher

London Trip 2018 Group Shot


A Special Message to Staff from the Chair of Governors.

Hi Everyone

We have all known for a long time that The Pilgrim School is a kind school, with compassionate and dedicated staff who give everything to make a difference to the lives of our pupils.  But what can go unrecognised and unappreciated is a phenomenon I call the “Pilgrim Effect” where, when under pressure, you all pull together to produce something really special for our pupils.  This was apparent with the planning and delivery of the London trip.  You are very special people, individually and collectively, and on behalf of the pupils, parents and Governors I want to thank you for everything you do. 

And all this has been going on in the face of Christmas, which we know generates pressures of its own.  I hope you have some energy left to enjoy a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year!

Warmest good wishes.

John Gibson

Chair of Governors

Duke of Edinburgh - Pilgrim School Awarded Grant to support young people

The Pilgrim School is delighted to announce that we have received a grant from The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) Diamond– enabling us to reach and support more disadvantaged young people who want to do their DofE in The Pilgrim School.

 Thanks to this fantastic offering, we will be buying brand new equipment and improving our facilities – providing more of our young people the opportunity and support, which may not otherwise have been open to them, to develop skills and attributes for life and the workplace.

Celebrating Success - Prom Night!

Congratulations to CN for another fab prom. This is exactly the type of event that raises our spirits at the end of another hectic year as we see our youngsters enjoying themselves and interacting confidently in a way that would not have been possible just months before. Thank you CN for going the extra mile and to everyone who made a contribution to the event. Photos have been published of the event. Thank you to LS and her husband for supporting us as chief photographer and assistant.



Last Day of Term for Louth and Lincoln bases is Thursday 19th July

To allow all staff to support the move from Boston and Sleaford bases to the new Amber Hill site, the last day of term for pupils at the Lincoln and Louth bases will be Thursday 19th July.

Celebrating Success - Yr11 Celebrate end of Exams!

Year 11s have been celebrating the end of exams across the school. Thank you to staff who have made this happen.  This has included a BBQ at Lincoln and a trip to Skegness by Boston pupils

Battle of Britain Memorial Visit in Coningsby

On Tuesday, staff took pupils from the ASD centre to a visit to Coningsby to the Battle of Britain Memorial. It’s good that our pupils are expanding their world and they gain a huge amount from this. Thank you!



Plane in Hangar

Last Day of Term for Sleaford and Boston Bases due to relocation to Amber Hill

Pilgrim School is acquiring the site of the old Toftstead Primary School at Amber Hill, Boston.  This will allow the school to vacate temporary accommodation at both the Sleaford and Boston sites.  It will mean, for the first time, the school will have a permanent estate footprint in Lincolnshire. This is very exciting for us.

To enable us to do this and to ensure that the site is operational in September we will be making Tuesday 17 July the last day of teaching. We will re-open for business, as usual, on the Amber Hill site on Tuesday 4 September.

May I wish you all a restful Summer

Mr S Barnes - Headteacher

KS3 Integration Day at Amber Hill

On the 20/6/18 the KS3 students from both Boston and Sleaford bases took a trip out to the new Amber Hill base to see what stage they have got to, we saw a wide variety of tasks going on including door fitting, plumbing, electrics, fencing, decorating and more. We then ventured onto the new school field and had a chance to chill out and explore their new space.

Boston Year 11 Trip

For this year’s end of year 11 trip we took our Boston students to Skegness for a day filled with fun activities. The day started with 5 students and 3 members of staff taking a nice drive with a very varied selection of music, singalongs and lots of giggles.

We arrived in “Skeg-Vegas” full of atmosphere and made our way to the pier for a quick snack then headed towards the adventure centre onto the activities. We started off with the escape room experience. One group went into a witches and wizards themed spell room whilst the other group went to jail break. The aim of the escape rooms is to be able to solve problems and decipher codes to unlock next stages and ultimately escape the rooms before the 1 hour time limit is up.

After successfully breaking out of jail and the spell room we had a quick break before heading into “Laser Quest” where we all had an absolutely amazing time chasing each other round and tagging each other and really seeing a different side to some of the students. We then went and had a nice chippy lunch then played on the arcades and rides, we then enjoyed a quick ice cream before the nice drive back to base.

David Walliams gets in touch!

NB forwarded a powerpoint presentation of illustrations and writing compiled by AR, a pupil from our Boston base for David Walliams and asked him if he would comment on these. In reply she received a letter and a signed photo.  An invitation for David to visit our school was also made and indications are that he is aware of it and has shown an interest in the future if possible.

Message from the head teacher:

I didn’t ever expect to be attending a Buckingham Palace garden party and feel honoured and privileged to have done so. On reflecting on this it demonstrates how Pilgrim continues to develop as an outward looking school – the D of E programme is just one example. The Easter school, the diverse work experience opportunities pupils have, the Yoga programme, the increased number of school trips, supported visits to colleges and other placements are all examples of how we are trying to expand the world of our pupils. All these additional activities take time and energy from all involved but help contribute to make Pilgrim the special place that it is. To all who make a contribution to this, however small, thank you! Steve

Our nice new MPV delivered today.

We have taken deliver y of our first ever Pilgrim Minibus.  It looks rather smart and will expand our opportunities to transport our pupils for additional enrichment opportunites and D of E excursions etc.

Pilgrim Minibus


Front of new Minibus

Side of Minibus


Celebrating Success

Following last week’s article about Duke of Edinburgh, We are pleased to share the news that DA and SB have been invited to Buckingham Palace as part of the Dof E celebrations in May.

On 22nd March staff and pupils at the Sleaford base walked a mile for Sports relief. They also held a cake sale at break and participated in a mile of pennies (needless to say it wasn’t quite a mile!!). Total raised came to £67.50. Many thanks to JD for organising this and to those staff who baked cakes to sell.

The career’s fair held in Lincoln on Monday 19th March was a big success. The workshops on CV writing and interview techniques etc were particularly well received by our pupils. It was felt that having less pupils by dividing the fair across two bases meant that the atmosphere was calmer and therefore more productive.  The career’s fair in Boston will be held on 23rd April. Many thanks to YP and her team for the organisation of the event.

Celebrating Success - D of E Update

On Wednesday 7th March we had the official ceremony that declared us an official centre for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Mick Hoare who is the East Midlands Operations Officer for Dof E came to the Sleaford base and met with some of the pupils who have embarked on bronze so far and then presented the framed certificate. We were pleased to have governors in attendance in this occasion too. We will be copying and framing the certificate so that we can hang one in each of our bases. So far we have four pupils on the programme and hope that this is something that we can develop across the school in time. Huge thanks to DA for introducing the programme to the school. We have had positive feedback from the pupils so far and look forward to seeing how they benefit from the various challenges they have to complete as time goes on.

Celebrating Success - Visit to Bunkers Care Home

Just after half term, two of our year 11 pupils from Lincoln, ET and MH, visited the Bunkers Care Home as part of their Health and Social care course. The pupils sat with around 10 residents and completed craft activities with them. They achieved their objectives for the BTEC course but also were able to use the opportunity to grow their confidence in visiting new places and their communication skills in meeting new people. This is what therapeutic education looks like in practice! We received very positive feedback from the care home who would like to be able to host more of these visits. Many thanks to HS (RSO) for accompanying the girls and to NB for setting up the experience.

BLESMA Charity Workshop

The school has arranged for a visit from the charity BLESMA, the limbless veterans, to deliver free workshops from veterans to inspire and motivate pupils.  The sessions will last about an hour and will take place at the school bases as detailed below:

Thursday 19th April 2018

9.15am – 10.15am – Louth base

2pm – 3pm – Lincoln base

Friday 20th April 2018

9.15am – 10.15am – Sleaford base

2pm – 3pm – Boston base

Pupils will attend their own base as normal and participate in the one hour workshop. The workshop will consist of a veteran telling their story of overcoming adversity.  After their talk and Q&A, they will assist a professional workshop facilitator in leading a motivational workshop in which the pupils will explore the reality of adversity and how they can become resilient.  The aim of the workshop is:

  • To inspire pupils with the BLESMA members stories.
  • Understand what it is to overcome adversity and promote how to be resilient.
  • Encourage healthy behaviours.
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem, and make individuals realise that we all go through tough times.
  • Improve interpersonal relationships and skills.

Pupils will be well supported by familiar staff in a safe environment.  Please could you let the Re-integration and Support Officer allocated to your child if you are not content for your child to attend the workshop.

YMCA & Rotary Club Supported Easter Holiday Club'

We are very pleased to inform you of an exciting opportunity for our pupils.

We have been working with the Showroom in Lincoln and the local Rotary clubs to be able to deliver our first ever ‘holiday club.’

This will take place from 3rd - 6th April from 10am until 3:30pm.

This is a fantastic opportunity to consolidate learning, build resilience and bridge the gap of an extended school holiday. In the first instance, places will be limited to 20 pupils.

Wellbeing Mark

Wellbeing Mark

The Pilgrim School is currently working towards achieving a special quality mark for mental health and wellbeing.  As part of this process we will be working with staff, pupils and parents about how they feel mental health and emotional wellbeing are thought of and supported across the school community.  This process will allow us to make judgements about how well we do this and help us to think about and plan what we can do to improve so that we are offering the best possible support in every aspect of the school community.

Please read full letter via the link from our Pastoral Page.



Pilgrim School Open for Business as Usual

Current weather reports and conditions have been reviewed and considered and barring any further unexpected bad weather, we shall have all bases open and staffed as usual on Monday 5th March

We are looking forward to supporting our pupils to pick up where they left off and make progress asap.

All the best,

The Pilgrim Team

Update - Careers Fair

We are very sorry but due to safety and uncertain knowledge of travelling conditions on Monday we are having to cancel the careers fair at the Boston base.  We will endeavor to rearrange it in the near future.

Latest Closure Update due to Adverse Weather Condition..

The Pilgrim School is closed today..

We are activating the bad weather cascade and the decision has been made to close all bases on Friday 2nd March.

We are very sorry but due to safety and uncertain knowledge of travelling conditions on Monday we are having to cancel the careers fair at the Boston base.  We will endeavor to rearrange it in the near future.

Our SLT will review and monitor any changes to weather conditions and local and national advice given, and will ensure parents and staff are informed about any further closures.


Careers Fairs 2018

This year we are holding two fairs.  The first is being held at our Boston base on Monday 5th March for Sleaford and Boston students.  The second fair is being held at our Lincoln base on Monday 19th March for Louth and Lincoln students. 

We have invited representatives from local colleges, apprenticeship and volunteering groups. This will give students the opportunity to discuss courses, support and career pathways for post 16 study and enable them to consider what and how they are learning now will have a positive impact on their future.

Students are also being offered two really relevant workshops lead by the   ‘Complete Careers Service’.  The first workshop will investigate how using social media can help or hinder you in getting a job.  The second workshop is exploring current options, decision making and labour market information in making choices about careers.  In addition governors and local business people are also providing opportunities to discuss with students skills and qualities they look for when interviewing candidates for jobs.

ASD Centre Open Morning.

At the Pilgrim, due to the nature of the provision we offer, we do not have typical parent evenings. Pupils in the ASD centre have not accessed the school via the health route and so an opportunity on the Friday before half term to engage with staff and review pupils’ progress was created via an ASD centre open morning. This was a huge success. All parents attended for a couple of hours and were able to look at displays of the pupils work as well as go through their books, enjoy refreshments the pupils had made and then engage in in fun activities such as the spaghetti and marshmallow challenge with their children. It was a joy to speak to parents who commented and how much more settled their child was at home since joining Pilgrim, how they were more positive about school than ever before and  how they could see what progress they were making. Huge thanks to JD for organising the event along with D and S-A.

Duke of Edinburgh - The start of a new Expedition for our Pupils.

Duke of Edinburgh Logo

The school is now registered for a licence to deliver the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.  The DofE Manager will be DA and a pilot will be run at the Sleaford Base initially with approx. 4 – 5 of our current Y10 and below pupils.  Sessions will happen every week starting after Christmas to prepare them for their expedition.  If the pilot is successful we will roll out the award to other interested bases/pupils.

Btec Animal Care - Handling Day

MillipedeHedgehogBearded Dragon

                Millipede                                          Hedgehog                                            Bearded Dragon

 On the 5th December, we had visitors of various reptile and small animal species. The animals included: a hedgehog, a millipede, a frog, tarantulas, a scorpion and a snake. An interesting thing I found out was that if you stroke a hedgehog, the spikes don’t prick you and it feels like a rough rug. Also the bearded dragon’s chin turns black when it starts to become angry. When I held the millipede, it tickled my hands and it wrapped its self around them.


Save the Children - Christmas Jumper Day

A Christmas Elf Dressed up for Jumper Day

Hi Everybody,

Today at Sleaford it was Christmas Jumper Day!!! Pupils and staff wore the jazziest, brightest, over the top jumpers I have ever seen and everybody got into the Christmas spirit in a big way. Donations for the Save The Children fund were greatly received. There were games lined up and prizes galore and everybody had such fun. Even the candidates for RSO interviews arrived looking very festive! We all had a fantastic day. 

Thanks everyone, from your cheeky Christmas DR  Elf


The winners of the Christmas Jumpers Competition!

Christmas Jumper winners

 Staff - JD                                                                     Pupil - AS

Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day Logo

London Trip December 2017

On Wednesday 13th December this year, 16 students and 8 staff took a train to London. We walked two miles through London taking in the iconic sites along the river; the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, The London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Shard. We walked over Waterloo Bridge to Covent Garden and down Drury Lane and Museum Street to The British Museum where we saw the Mummies of Ancient Egypt. We had lunch at the museum and then we went by taxis via Buckingham Palace to the Apollo Victoria Theatre to see a performance of the musical Wicked. We then jumped into more taxis to go back to Kings Cross Station, where we managed to fit in seeing the Harry Potter Platform 9 and three quarters before catching the train back to Lincolnshire. It was a full and tiring yet incredibly worthwhile day in terms of broadening horizons,  having new experiences, learning new skills, being sociable, building resilience and having fun!

All the best


Children In Need - Varied Activities & Pudsey Coin Fill

On Thursday 16th November,  our member of staff JD hosted a Children In Need Fundraiser morning in her Tutor Time. Students from Sleaford base took part in juggling, hoola hooping and covering Pudsey Bear in loose change that the students brought in. A big Thank You to a pupil BJ for bringing in a huge carrier bag full of 2p and 1p coins!

On Friday 17th students came to school in various costumes including two Pudsey Bears, One Pokemon character, a number of onesies and lots of spotty items.

Everyone had lots of fun and a number of staff from Sleaford base also got involved. 

Pudsey Image Filled with Coins

Awards Evening 'Amazing'

The Awards Evening was absolutely amazing.  Pupils, parents, staff, Governors and LA representatives celebrated the success of our pupils both pastorally and academically.  Very touching, personal stories, were shared by pupils, that outlined challenges, worries, concerns etc. that with the right environment and individualised support had lead onto personal success. Many a tear shed but with lots of laughter too! 

Pilgrim Staff 'Reach Out to Share Good Practice about Mental Health'

BL and HS jointly presented to Minster Teaching Alliance about mental health. They originally were expecting around 30 people but ended up delivering to two cohorts of around 50 each. We have heard lots of positive things about this and it has already generated interest in more delivery and training as part of the Minster teaching alliance. Congratulations this week therefore goes to BL and HS for their success on their first outing into new territory and we look forward to hearing more successes as Pilgrim spreads the word about mental health in the future.

Awards Evening

Staff and pupils are gearing up for another fantastic 'Awards Evening' when the Pilgrim family celebrate the pastoral and academic success of our young people that have worked so hard throughout the year/s to overcome personal challenges to ultimately succeed.

It is our way to acknowledge and support pupils with their transition from Keystage 4 onto Post 16 provision.  Our thoughts, best wishes and support for the child does not simply stop with doing exams, we support, encourage and reassure pupils and their families to make appropriate choices for Post 16 that will ensure the best future prospects and life chances as they can.

Educate Against Hate

Celebrating Success:

This summer the school achieved the best  GCSE and BTEC outcomes for our year 11's than we ever have before. Even with new, more demanding GCSE specs in English and Maths, our pupils did brilliantly.  The results are even more impressive against a background that sees more and more complex young people joining our school. Congratulations to the entire school community for these achievements. It is team work that makes the magic happen within our young people.

Right at the end of last term we heard that two of our pupils had been successful in a Lincolnshire short story competition. LS and AS had stories chosen to be displayed on the St Marks area of Lincoln as part of the Medieval celebrations over the summer. Their work was submitted via email and then sent to a designer for professional illustration and presentation. A proud moment indeed for both families and our school. 

Celebrating Success: Pilgrim Prom 2017

A good time was had by all at The School Prom. It was such a pleasure to see our young people joining in with such happiness. I will remember B.N's dancing for some time! The alternative awards went down well with the pupils and I think this is becoming more successful every year we do it. The popcorn and candy floss machines were a huge hit too. I fully appreciate these things just don’t happen by themselves: Thank you to the RSO team for organising the event, to the Sleaford Staff who helped to get the venue ready, for G.G. for being our master of ceremonies and DJ, for our photographer on the evening and for our Chair of Governors J.G. for the warm up quizzes and to the staff for attending. 

B.N. Celebrating by doing a dance solo

Staff and pupils having a Boogie

Some other images from the evening may be viewed in our gallery section soon.

School Activities: PGL - Caythorpe Centre Trip

To round off a very successful year for all of our pupils and building on the success of last years trip, a PGL trip has been offered out to our pupils and will take place on Friday 14th July at the Caythorpe Centre. Eight of our pupils have felt resilient enough to participate in this day trip supported by a range of our staff. 

Description of the Caythorpe Centre:

Caythorpe Court is the perfect adventure centre for primary school groups, large or small, seeking an escape to the country.

Just ten miles north of Grantham, there’s over 65 acres of space for your pupils to enjoy, packed full of adventure activities on land and water.

For some high adrenalin action, your pupils will love a race around the quad bike track. Why not test their head for heights on the giant swing? Whatever the challenge, the experienced instructors at Caythorpe will help each individual reach further and achieve more.

Celebrating Success: The Lincolnshire Show

A big thank you to M.P. in theLouth base for coordinating the trip to the Lincolnshire show. We appreciate all the hard work coordinating this has been. It was definitely worth it. The sun shone and a good time was had by all. The pupils had a fantastic time sampling local produce, watching sheep shearing and taking part in various activities available at the show including a sumo-wrestling match between J. (of Lincoln base) and N. (of Boston base).

Pupils in Sumo Suits competing

parentinfo - From CEOP and Parentzone - June 2017

Peer pressure - a parent's guide

How learning to speak ‘teenage’ could help you communicate with your child
Helping your child cope with media coverage of traumatic events
Preventing violent extremism – what parents can do
Preventing far-right extremism: a guide for parents
FREE booklet for parents to help boost their child's self-esteem

Exam Period

The official GCSE exams’ period started last week and will gain momentum very quickly.

Our pupils have and continue to work to the best of their ability to access their exams and achieve the best results that they can manage.  They have been putting in additional revision sessions and will continue to do so throughout the examination period.  

Our thanks go out to all our teaching, support and admin staff for continuing to go the extra mile to ensure our pupils engagement at this particularly stressful time.


parentinfo - From CEOP and Parentzone April

parentinfo - From CEOP and Parentzone

Latest Articles for parents to support their children:







Celebrating Success: Fit for Learning

New initiative, Lincoln base:

In recent weeks we have started a new venture in the Lincoln base. This was the idea a learning mentor there. She writes:

Figures show that fewer children walk to school nowadays than a generation ago. After speaking to the majority of pupils at Lincoln – most do not take part in any exercise or get fresh air (including walking) out of school. To combat this each morning we take the pupils out for a walk around Hartsholme’s school field. Since starting it on 20/02/2017 we have had 13 pupils take part with some of the pupils managing every day they are in. The aim is to improve health and wellbeing, raise attainment and promote social interactions amongst pupils. So far the initiative has made positive steps forward.

 Students walking in Lincoln

Despite the expression on these pupil’s face, this has actually been a huge success and there has been a marked difference in mood and readiness to work. Sleaford will be launching something similar soon. Many thanks to Jess for this initiative.

News of past pupils:

News of past pupils: An update on a past pupil remembered with great fondness (KS). He enjoyed enormous success at Pilgrim from a low starting point and returned to give a speech at the awatds evening two years ago. A learning mentor has passed on the latest news about him:

He is working for an Engineering firm based in Darwen in Lancashire.  The firm is called Heritage Painting , and they work on restoration projects involving Steam Engines, Traction Engines, Railway Carriages etc.

He got the job after completing his course with Siemens where he earned 2 Distinctions and a Merit, and was then recommended by one of the sons of Fred Dibnah.

RAF Coningsby Visit

The Pilgrim School visit to RAF Coningsby

A number of pupils and staff visited RAF Coningsby on 10th March 2017 and were given a tour of The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, 3(Fighter) Squadron and the Typhoon Engine Bay.  The visit was very informative and provided the pupils with a closer look at military aircraft flown during the Second World War and today.  The pupils enjoyed a close up look at the Spitfire, Hurricane and Dakota aircraft which was followed by a tour of the modern Typhoon aircraft and engines.  The school are very grateful to staff at RAF Coningsby for arranging this first class school trip.

Plane in Hanger

 Working example of a Spitfire..Students on Tour

 Students being briefed on various aircraft..

Please click here to view large Group Shot.. in front of the Dakota aircraft in BBMF

Celebrating Success: World book day:

On Thursday 2nd March we celebrated World Book Day. Although pupils don’t tend to dress up as they do in primary schools, pupils were engaged in different activities across the school. In Louth for example, pupils were engaged in finding bits of text all over the building and reading in different areas. This was then recorded using the ipads. We were able to distribute pupils book tokens across and we received posters and books from the ‘World Book Day’ organisers thanks to 'DR' who took the initiative on this to promote reading across the school. Thanks D!

Celebrating Success: Visit by BBC Radio Lincolnshire

It is really pleasing to see that what we do and the good practice that exists in the school is being recognised. We were visited this week by BBC Radio Lincolnshire. They interviewed staff, parents and pupils and left impressed with the work that we do. More details will follow regarding the airing on radio and the ability to listen via BBC Iplayer.

Update: Please follow the link below and go to 1hr 53 minutes into programme to listen to the interview/report.

Celebrating Success: Tesco's 'Bags of help' scheme

Thanks goes out to staff member NB, for securing Pilgrim as a beneficiary to the Tesco’s ‘bags of help’ scheme where shoppers choose to give a token from their shopping purchase to one of three choices of charities. Let’s hope we gain the attention of lots of local shoppers and raise lots of money.

Note from NB...

A few weeks ago I compiled an application to Tesco for funding through their 'bags of help' scheme.  I received an email confirming that we had been successful and that over March and April, customers shopping in Tesco at the stores listed below will be able to vote for which charity/organization will receive one of 3 amounts.  The first place organization will receive £5000, second place £2000 and third place £1000.  Although the good news is that we will definitely receive at least the £1000 we could hopefully receive the £5000.  If you are shopping in any of the stores mentioned below over the next 2 months or so please use your token to support the bid for The Pilgrim School.

Organisation Name - The Pilgrim Hospital School; Project Title - Energize The School

Please see below a list of stores taking part in the voting on your project. 

BOSTON               PE21 7JD

BOURNE EXPRESS            PE10 9AQ


HOLBEACH          PE12 7LR

OAKHAM             LE15 6BQ

SLEAFORD           NG34 7BB


BOURNE              PE10 9LS



To check the location of any of the above stores, please go to the tesco website here:

parentinfo - From CEOP and Parentzone

Preventing far-right extremism: a guide for parents
Sex education in schools: a parent’s guide
Picky eating: how to help your child eat better

Celebrating Success: English Speaking & Listening

The new GCSE specs have created new challenges for everyone nationally. For Pilgrim staff and pupils the challenge has been arguably greater as the bench mark is higher and this creates barriers for pupils with significant obstacles to overcome as it is. The English department has had to make new arrangements for the speaking and listening element of the course. Now all pupils have to be filmed doing their presentation in bases and in the home. In addition to this, the pressure of being filmed has created additional anxiety for pupils.  With support from all staff, the pupils have overcome their worries and concerns. The presentations have been going on this week and will continue until all are complete. Virtually all pupils have completed this successfully so big shout out to those English staff who are managing this and also to one of our Learning Mentors (CR) who has travelled to different bases to do the filming.

Thank you!

parentinfo - From CEOP and Parentzone

Helping your child stay safe from cybercrime
How can you help your child with in-game bullying?
Safer Internet Day: a parent's guide
The new GCSE Grading system explained
Staying safe on Minecraft
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Celebrating Success: Career's Fair

Last Wednesday we hosted our annual career’s fair. This is the second time we have run this for pupils and it was evident that the event has developed greatly since last year. We had significantly more visitors for pupils to engage with than before. These included most local colleges as well as Tescos, the Police, Ambulance service our own governor Julie Bembridge about careers in the NHS (thank you Julie), a staff members daughter came in to advise pupils about careers in IT, groups from voluntary organisations, visitors giving information about apprenticeship schemes and more. Pupils seemed to engage more positively this year too which made the event even more worthwhile. It’s a genuine challenge and concern moving our pupils on from the safety of Pilgrim to a post 16 placement and these types of events are crucial in encouraging our pupils to start looking outside of their comfort zone and being brave enough to consider their next steps. A huge thank you to key organisers and everyone who contributed in some way to make the event the success that it was. 

18th January: Career’s Fair, Sleaford

Our Career's Fair takes place in Sleaford this year.  A range of colleges and employers have been invited to offer our pupils the opportunity to discuss and plan for their next steps, Post 16.  It is a valuable opportunity that is open to all our KS4 pupils.  Staff will be rallying around on the day transporting and supporting our young people to engage positively in this event.  Just turning up is a challenge in itself for some, so we wish them luck on the day. A support booklet can be found on our parents page to explain the day and support our pupils.




Online revision APP and assignments

GCSE Pod is an app that hosts podcasts (short animated files of lesson content and revision sessions. The school has purchased this for the students to use to assist with lesson content and revision. Please encourage your son or daughter to sign up, down load the appropriate podcasts and start revising and consolidating learning now!

What is GCSEPod?

We are the award-winning experts in mobile learning. We provide highly concentrated 3-5 minute bursts of audio-visual, teacher-written learning which can help to reinforce and consolidate key GCSE topics covered in lessons. Everything is explained precisely with all the correct facts, quotes, keywords, dates and annotated diagrams, all mapped to exam specifications


Does your child know they have access to GCSEPod?

Ensure your child has activated their GCSEPod account by following these simple instructions:

1. Go to

2. Click login

3. Click New Here? Get Started

4. Ensure they’ve selected they are a pupil

5. Enter their personal details as requested

6. Enter the Pilgrim School

7. Create a username and password

If your child has already activated their account, they simply need to log in with the username and password they’ve created.

For more information please visit


Celebrating Success:

As we approach Christmas there are lots of special activities happening for our pupils. On 2nd December the Lincoln pupils took part in a Christmas bake and PJ day. They are also collecting for the NOMAD trust and are planning a treat tp Daisy Maid for the end of term. Plans are underway in Louth and Boston for Christmas jumper and fun days on the last day of term. Last week pupils from Sleaford Resilient Me group had a Christmas themed outing to the Downtown ice rink in Grantham.  They are also having a Christmas dinner on 14th December and a jumper day on 16th.

 Massive Snow Globe at Downtown Ice Rink with pupils inside

Christmas can be a challenging time for young people with mental health problems and especially those on the autistic spectrum. The NAS have recently written an article about supporting autistic young people at what can be a stressful time of year. It is on their website for those who are interested.

Resilient Me Program goes from strength to strength

Resilient Me continues to go from strength to strength with pupils having more
opportunities than ever to access learning experiences beyond the normal
Pilgrim environment. Pupils at Lincoln recently visited the Showroom in Lincoln
to participate in the climbing wall activity.

 The Showroom - Pupil on Climbing Wall

Celebrating Success: Remembrance Day

The school acknowledged the two minute silence on Remembrance Day in different ways across the bases. In addition to this pupils were engaged in producing displays.                      

This one was put together by pupils in Louth:

Louth Base Remembrance Day Display


A pupil from our Louth base wrote the following poem:

We Remember the War

Trudging through miles of trenches;

Having to climb barbed wire fences;

Bombs dropped;

People stopped;

Men diving for cover;

Wishing they were their lover;

Ringing ears;

Endless Fears;

Breathing in noxious gasses;

Throat tightens as time passes;

Blistering face;

Deadly embrace;

Distant arc of mortar shells;

Illuminates this living hell;

Silence follows;

No tomorrow;

Changing over no mans lands;

Good men falling on the sand:

Everywhere death;

Last Breath.

Awards Evening 2016

Our annual Awards Evening was held at Sleaford Civic Centre on Thursday 20th October. It was a joy to welcome back so many of our leavers from the summer all looking very dapper in their ‘Sunday best’. We also enjoyed the company of some of our current year 11 pupils having invited them this year for the first time. Pupils received their exam certificates and subject awards were presented along with  special presentations for motivation, participation in our Resilient Me course, attendance, pastoral and the Governor’s and Headteacher Awards. It was a wonderful night and each and everyone of our pupils should be proud of the progress they have made often against very challenging circumstances.

Awards Evening 2016 Group Photo

Extracts from the visitors book completed on the evening.

“Pilgrim always supported me in the best and worst times of my life. Thank you for everything.”

“I am infinitely grateful for the support from Pilgrim, for giving my life so many opened doors that had previously been locked.”

“The progress my brother has made at Pilgrim has been exceptional. The only extra that I could have is that he had been transferred to Pilgrim earlier.”

“As a family we’ve had our ups and downs but I don’t know what we would have done without Pilgrim.”

“We are so proud to be associated with such an inclusive and successful school.”

“The staff at Pilgrim are patient, kind and caring. If only more children in need could get the help that Pilgrim provide.”

“Such wonderful teaching staff. It is a pleasure to be part of the Pilgrim school family.”



Amy Winehouse Foundation Visits Sleaford Base

The ‘Amy Winehouse Foundation’ is a charity who visit schools for free to education young people about the dangers of drugs. This is the second year that they have visited Pilgrim and last Thursday saw the first of the visits around our bases starting in Sleaford.


This is some snippets taken from pieces of writing completed after the event which will be sent to the charity.


I’d like to thank your caring advice, activities and help with the subject of drugs and alcohol. It came onto to very touching subjects but I learnt a lot from them, for my future actions in life. Obviously I can’t promise that I won’t do drugs and consume alcohol, but I will take on your advice and to try to look out for myself when proceeding these actions. Jane and Brian were both equally informative and lovely people honestly. I wouldn’t think of them any less than what they are right now.


In the talk I learned that if you mix with the wrong people it is very easy to get involved with drugs and then once you are involved it is very hard to get clean from drugs again. I enjoyed the fact that Brian was able to share his story with us and we were able to talk about it and asked questions if we wanted or needed to, i also enjoyed the fact that there was time to do activities of the topic and look at the drug box. The talk was useful for me because I was able to have a clearer understanding of drugs and what they can make people do and how they can make people feel. Thank you for coming in and sharing your stories and teaching us more about drugs i found it very interesting.


Our pupils were amazing and made full use of the opportunity offered. Both Brian and Jane (the presenters) commented on the empathy in the room and the way our pupils showed respect for each other and valued others opinions etc. A very successful morning.

Awards Evening Thursday 20th October 2016

We are looking forward to celebrating both the academic and pastoral achievements of our pupils that we supported through to completion of their yr11 studies with us in 2016.

This event has been a great success in showcasing and celebrating the diverse range of achievements our students have made both academically and on a personal level based on their past and current unique needs.


Autism Advice drop in at ASD centre in Sleaford.

Learning Walk for 1:1s

End of Term - Hartsholme Trip

Team talk, pupil buddies, staff buddies, sun cream and off!

Pupils and staff enjoyed a lovely morning trip to Hartsholme Country Park to bring a busy year of hard work to a positive conclusion.  A range of activities were undertaken, including playing on the swings and slides, rounders, football, a picnic break and a long, long, long, long ramble!

Hartsholme End of Term Trip - Happy pupils and staff

The pupils were really enthusiastic and joined in when and where possible. It was lovely to see them take it in turns, politely, and also supporting those pupils less able to participate in activities that were more physically challenging e.g. pupils able to hit the ball in rounders but other pupils volunteering to run for them.  There was a real sense of team and companionship on the day.  To see these young people forming new, and building on recently formed friendships, was amazing.

Tesco support our Garden Revamp at Sleaford base

After a day of building and constructing raised beds, seating, painting and a morning of humping and dumping 30 bags of compost; gardening and laying gravel,  Tesco staff and our Community Liaison Manager have done a great job so far on the revamp of our patio and garden area at our Sleaford base.

Pilgrim pupils staff and Tesco staff on project start day

The area looks amazing and pupils have already started to use it. 

Refreshed patio area with new seating

There are a few tasks still to be done and then the garden and patio area will be complete.

Garden view of grassy area with planters

Tesco staff and our Community Liaison Manager will be back in over the summer to get this done and in early September Tesco will also generously donate parasols for the tables and some outside games for the pupils.

A big thank you to Tesco and especially to our Community Liaison Manager, without whom, this would never have happened.

More news to follow...


Macbeth at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Staff and pupils attended a matinee performance of Macbeth at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London. This was to support their learning of the text in English Literature and it was a great experience for all. We travelled by train from Newark to Kings Cross, then took a bus to Blackfriars. We were able to enjoy a walk along the South Bank, taking in some of London's iconic buildings; the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, St Paul's Cathedral.

Pupils outside the Globe Theatre

At the Globe we were delighted to have actors walking through the Yard next to where we were standing and even interacting with us! It was hard to stand for three hours to watch the performance, but it was an exciting production and our students did us proud.

It was Macbrilliant!

Last Friday pupils from the Sleaford base attended Tolethorpe Hall in Stamford to watch a production of Macbeth. They arrived armed with picnics and brollies and a good time was had by all.

Pupils have written their own responses to the event:

For a voluntary production it was very professional, everyone stayed in character. The script is very hard to learn (I’ve tried) but everyone memorised the words perfectly and very audibly. They carried on even during the RAIN!!! The visual effects were amazing but a bit too smoky (you couldn’t see the stage during the meeting between the witches). It was very entertaining. THE SUN WAS BLINDING US!!!!! #FeelingLikeAFilmCritic. It was Macbrilliant.

Overall it was very enjoyable. 10/10 would hallucinate daggers again.”

 Many thanks to staff for organising the event.

Anyone for Tennis!

On Wednesday 6th July, pupils from Resilient Me, Sleaford base took a trip to Heckington Tennis Courts to celebrate Wimbledon. We met up with the Chair of Governors, who had arranged numerous activities for staff and pupils to get involved in. We all had a fun afternoon playing tennis, team building, practising ball skills and socialising…all ending in strawberries and cream…yummy!

Pupils taking it in turns to play tennis

A big Thank You to the Chair of Governors for organising this splendid event.

Vet based work experience, It was the best day ever!

Work experience was great, my first day on the job and I was asked to help in the theatres! I was asked to monitor the heart rate and the level of anaesthetic, as well as calm the animal after it came round. Another member of staff put the cat in the kennels post –op. It was the best day ever and it’s secured my dream of eventually becoming a vet someday. I encourage others to follow their own dreams as you never know where it may lead you.

After all “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”.

Pupil getting ready for theatre

PGL Trip 2016

Staff and pupils recently enjoyed a fun filled, action packed day at PGL Caythorpe.

PGL Group Photo with happy pupils and staff

The trip enabled pupils from each base to come together and socialise as a whole school.


Pupils had the opportunity to experience a wide range of outdoor and team building activities, including Archery, Giant Swing, High Ropes and Rifles.


Students thoroughly enjoyed the experiences, with comments including ‘It was great! The food was sooooo good‘, I really enjoyed the Archery sessions a fair amount, so much so that I have decided to join an archery club myself’. 



All agreed that without the support of Pilgrim school, taking part in an experience such as this would have not been possible and students were appreciative of the support they continually received in and outside of the classroom.

All in all a great time was had by all!

Prom 2016!!!

On Thursday 23rd June, year 10 and 11 pupils came together to celebrate at The Pilgrim School’s 3rd end of year prom.  The Admiral Rodney, Horncastle played host to the intimate gathering with music provided by The Good Guys disco in what is now becoming Pilgrim tradition.

For many, the prom signifies the end of a long journey and provides an opportunity many of our leavers thought they would miss out on.  It is an absolute pleasure to see these individuals come together to celebrate something so unique.  Each pupil experiences personal lows and highs during their time at Pilgrim and we hope the prom is something they can look back on as a high.

On the evening pupils danced, laughed, ate and said goodbye. Awards were issued, by pupil poll, to winners of categories such as “Most likely to be a millionaire”, “Best Couple” and “Funkiest Hair”.

 Overall, the evening was a great success and one we hope to be lucky enough to repeat in years to come.

Admiral Rodney Prom Venue

Students enjoing themselves

Celebrating Success:

Celebrating  Success:

Last Monday two of our key stage three pupils went with a member of staff to attend the Armed Forces Day in Sleaford. It was particularly encouraging to be invited along with other mainstream schools as this is demonstrating that our school is now being recognised much more widely. The poor trio got soaked in the pouring rain during the flag raising ceremony. However, there was cake to compensate and one pupil said it was ‘dead good’ and he really liked seeing the uniforms and medals.


It’s always great to hear that previous pupils are doing well.  Many will remember Katie. C who left in the summer of 2015. She popped in last week to share with us a book in she has written illustrated and published herself. The book is a children's book about mental illness.                    

Pilgrim have a copy of the book kept in reception at the Lincoln base. It’s well worth taking a look. Well done Katie!

Latest News

What is the Blue Whale Challenge?

The name is supposedly a reference to blue whales that deliberately cast themselves on land to die. The Blue Whale Challenge is a social media challenge that encourages children, teenagers & other users to perform specific tasks, over the course of 50 days that are assigned to them by an anonymous “group administrator.” The tasks escalate throughout the 50 days with increased risk of harm and beyond.

Please click link to visit our Online Safety Information page for further advice.

School Hoodie Shop Open!

Just to make you all aware the shop is open gain for people to buy Pilgrim hoodies/polo tops! Just click on the link below to order!

Excerpts from message from a Proud Parent as pupil completes yr11

Excerpts selected from letter recieved.

Dear Mr Barnes

I am writing to you on what is our daughter’s last official day at Pilgrim.

Thankfully, it is our pleasure, as parents, to witness that because Pilgrim School opened its arms to our daughter and welcomed her into the school she is leaving today as a much more stable, happy, and positive young lady. This is thanks to outstanding patience, guidance and above all understanding from all involved.


Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum - SEND Survey update

LPCF SEND Survey Results out now

Just to let you know that both our parent carer survey and SENCo survey have now been published and are on the library page of our website. Please click on the link to access.

KS3 Amber Hill - Indoor Bowling

Pupils at Amber Hill enjoyed a fun game of Indoor Ten Pin Bowling.

Click Link to Gallery of images.

KS3 Bowling