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MS Teams

The following is a copy of the letter sent out to parents and Protocols and Log in details for pupils if using MS Teams with the school.

MS Teams Letter to Parents

Protocols and log in details


Guide for parents to support pupils to access and work using GCSE POD for various subject areas (if the school closes unexpectedly)

GCSE POD Guidance Letter


English Revision:

The following are 12 collated extracts and practice essays for A Christmas Carol and Romeo And Juliet that can be used by pupils. We are suggesting that as revision practice pupils plan for the essays and practice writing some up in full.

A Christmas Carol Revision Questions

Romeo and Juliet Revision Essay Questions


Additional English resources

Year 10 English and LiteratureTasks

KS3 English Tasks for Home


KS4 English Language Past Papers


AQA GCSE Eng Lang Paper 1 Silent Land Insert

AQA GCSE Eng Lang Question Paper 1

AQA GCSE Eng Lang Paper 2 Elephant and Wild Animals Insert Paper 2

AQA GCSE Eng Lang Paper 2 Elephant and Wild Animals Question Paper 


Other English revision sources:


BBC Bitesize English Language/Literature AQA

Digital Theatre Plus (English staff will provide login details)

MR BRUFF on Youtube


Maths Revision:

Maths Student Support for Absences.

The following linked files are recent exam papers and their mark schemes.

01b 1MA1 1F Paper

02c 1MA1 1F Mark Scheme


03b 1MA1 2F Paper

04c 1MA1 2F Mark Scheme


05b 1MA1 3F Paper

06c 1MA1 3F Mark Scheme


07b 1MA1 1H Paper

08c 1MA1 1H Mark Scheme


09b 1MA1 2H Paper

10c 1MA1 2H Mark Scheme


11b 1MA1 3H Paper

12c 1MA1 3H Mark Scheme



The following are a range of links to support and revision materials

KS3 Science


KS4 Science (Edexcel)


KS4 Science (AQA)


Exam practise papers (Edexcel)


Exam practise papers (AQA)


Science Dunn - YouTube Channel 

There is a YouTube channel where a teacher will go through the science worksheets bit by bit.  Content will be updated as much as possible.  

If students want anything specifically to be covered, please contact the specific teacher.

The link is here,



Managing Information on Computers

Graphics Software

Technology Through Time


Colleges and Post 16 Yr11 Updates

Click on the link below for information that has been provided to us to support our pupils and their Parent/Guardian to understand the processes that will be followed for course entry due to the current situation with COVID-19.  Contact for any queries relating to this content.

Post 16 Education Providers 



Extra information for Year 11 pupils and their families.

Lincoln College Group Virtual Open Days

Afternoon Everyone,

I just wanted to bring your attention to the virtual Open Days that we are starting to offer. As a result of not being able to deliver all of our events this academic year, many students have the missed the opportunity to come to speak to our curriculum and support staff.

To ensure school students are able to access information we plan to run virtual Open Days, with a focus on small clusters of subject areas per event to support students in making informed decisions about their next steps. Our first virtual event is on Wednesday 20th May from 5-7pm and covers Sport, Public Services, Policing College, Animal Care and Equine, Catering and Hospitality and Travel and Tourism. 

We also have an Air & Defence College virtual Open Day planned for Wednesday 24th June from 5-7pm. More virtual open events will continue to be added to our website and advertised on our social media platforms.

The events include videos from college staff discussing course information, student support, careers advice, work experience, maths and English and tutorials. They will also feature a live zoom webinar with subject area specialists who will provide course overviews, plus a Q&A session.

Registrations to the events can be made by going to, clicking on ‘Open Days’ and selecting the virtual Open Day you would like to attend. Alternatively, registrations for our first event can be made by clicking here.










Latest News

What is the Blue Whale Challenge?

The name is supposedly a reference to blue whales that deliberately cast themselves on land to die. The Blue Whale Challenge is a social media challenge that encourages children, teenagers & other users to perform specific tasks, over the course of 50 days that are assigned to them by an anonymous “group administrator.” The tasks escalate throughout the 50 days with increased risk of harm and beyond.

Please click link to visit our Online Safety Information page for further advice.

School Hoodie Shop Open!

Just to make you all aware the shop is open gain for people to buy Pilgrim hoodies/polo tops! Just click on the link below to order!

Excerpts from message from a Proud Parent as pupil completes yr11

Excerpts selected from letter recieved.

Dear Mr Barnes

I am writing to you on what is our daughter’s last official day at Pilgrim.

Thankfully, it is our pleasure, as parents, to witness that because Pilgrim School opened its arms to our daughter and welcomed her into the school she is leaving today as a much more stable, happy, and positive young lady. This is thanks to outstanding patience, guidance and above all understanding from all involved.


Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum - SEND Survey update

LPCF SEND Survey Results out now

Just to let you know that both our parent carer survey and SENCo survey have now been published and are on the library page of our website. Please click on the link to access.

KS3 Amber Hill - Indoor Bowling

Pupils at Amber Hill enjoyed a fun game of Indoor Ten Pin Bowling.

Click Link to Gallery of images.

KS3 Bowling

Instructions For pupils to Access School Remote Desktop. 

Logon Guide



Range of suggested online resources for parents and pupils to use if online learning or homeschooling due to a school closure.