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BBC Bitesize - Daily Lessons for Homeschooling


CEOP/Thinkuknow - Online Safety at Home


Once a fortnight, on Tuesdays, we will produce an activity sheet to help you support your child while schools are partially closed. There's also plenty of advice for parents and carers on keeping your child safe online at

Click on links below for additional helpsheets and initial activities.

thinkuknow parents helpsheet

thinkuknow 11-13's home activity sheet

thinkuknow 14 home activity sheet


Keep Uk and Ireland Reading

Life is Better When We Read Together

AnimalsSchools may be closing, but reading doesn’t have to stop. To help support teachers, students and parents to 'Keep the UK and Ireland reading', we are offering access to thousands of enhanced digital books through myON and articles from myON News.

BT Skills for Tomorrow

The following link is to a range of resources that BT is hosting to support parents and young people with working from home and keeping safe online etc.


Money Savings Expert sources

Money Savings Expert Keep Busy Sources


  1. Enjoy 100s of free Audible kids' audiobooks, incl Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland and The Secret GardenNorm £11-£15. Handy if you're struggling with home-schooling or entertaining the kids, as they're available for as long as schools are closed. See Audible Stories.

  2. Free workouts for 6 weeks with Chris HemsworthNorm £23/mth. The actor (aka Thor from the Marvel films), known for his ripped abs, has free high intensity (HIIT) and other online workout classes right now - see free fitness classes.

    PS: If the little 'uns are getting restless, they can join 100,000s doing the free Joe Wicks daily kids' fitness classes.

  3. Free meditation sessions created for the crisis. Norm £50-£60/yr. The Headspace and Calm apps, which normally require a subscription, have both released free content to help with understandable stress and anxiety right now. Free meditation & mindfulness resources

  4. New free box sets to binge on via iPlayer, eg, SpooksWallander, French & Saunders and The Missing. Instead of Amazon, Apple, Netflix etc subscriptions. The iPlayer service is free for those with a TV licence anyway, and the BBC has added more box sets because of the demand, incl the quartet above. Free box sets

  5. Help kids learn with Carol Vorderman's popular maths school and the Sir Linkalot spelling app. Norm £2/wk-ish. See Free home-schooling.

  6. Free 3-month language course for kids from Rosetta Stone. Norm £50 for 3 mths. Incl French, German and Spanish. Free language courses

  7. Free ballet and opera broadcasts from the Royal Opera House. As its London venue is closed, it's bringing opera and ballet into people's homes, including Peter and the Wolf and Acis and Galatea. See free online opera performances.

  8. Free online guitar lessons for 3 months. Norm £10/mth. It's a great time to learn something new if you've extra time on your hands, and manufacturer Fender is offering free guitar classes.

    PS: It's not just music, there are a whole host of things you can learn for free at home, including computer coding, Open University courses, languages, cooking and more. See free online learning.


Maths at Home

Nrich have set up a Maths at Home site during the current crisis, with loads of puzzles and solutions for all age groups.

BBC - Supermovers

For the younger ones, BBC have Supermovers. That one links to the times tables page, because I’m biased, but click on the Supermovers logo to go to the homepage.


Lincoln Castle Story Competition

Hi Everyone,

Lincoln Castle is currently running a story competition about ‘Lucy’, the castle’s dragon. If you click on the link below, it will take you to their homepage and can link through to more details about the competition. There are 3 age categories, so it is designed to be suitable for teenagers and adults, as well as younger children. Anyway, I thought it may be something that could appeal to some of our pupils, or even our own children if they are a bit stumped for something to do.



Latest News

What is the Blue Whale Challenge?

The name is supposedly a reference to blue whales that deliberately cast themselves on land to die. The Blue Whale Challenge is a social media challenge that encourages children, teenagers & other users to perform specific tasks, over the course of 50 days that are assigned to them by an anonymous “group administrator.” The tasks escalate throughout the 50 days with increased risk of harm and beyond.

Please click link to visit our Online Safety Information page for further advice.

School Hoodie Shop Open!

Just to make you all aware the shop is open gain for people to buy Pilgrim hoodies/polo tops! Just click on the link below to order!

Excerpts from message from a Proud Parent as pupil completes yr11

Excerpts selected from letter recieved.

Dear Mr Barnes

I am writing to you on what is our daughter’s last official day at Pilgrim.

Thankfully, it is our pleasure, as parents, to witness that because Pilgrim School opened its arms to our daughter and welcomed her into the school she is leaving today as a much more stable, happy, and positive young lady. This is thanks to outstanding patience, guidance and above all understanding from all involved.


Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum - SEND Survey update

LPCF SEND Survey Results out now

Just to let you know that both our parent carer survey and SENCo survey have now been published and are on the library page of our website. Please click on the link to access.

KS3 Amber Hill - Indoor Bowling

Pupils at Amber Hill enjoyed a fun game of Indoor Ten Pin Bowling.

Click Link to Gallery of images.

KS3 Bowling